Friday, March 31, 2023
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Goa Governor Must Rise On Madei - By Aires Rodrigues
Thursday - Jan 5, 2023
Goa Governor Must Rise On Madei - By Aires Rodrigues
There have been blatant lies and sheer deceit by the BJP in hoodwinking Goa and Goans on Madei. The Central and State Government are both responsible for having fooled Goans on this very crucial Madei issue. It was a very big blow to our State on New Year’s Eve. Our fight on Madei has to be a people’s battle. A very selfless one. It has to be a sustained struggle to ensure that every precious drop of water is saved for the wellbeing of Goans. The Madei issue has been dragging on for years with crores spent by way of legal fees. Has all that public money gone down the drain?
This crucial issue must once and for all be brought to a logical conclusion by ensuring that Goa’s interests are protected. There is a need of utter sincerity and transparency by this so-called double engine government on this very vital Madei front. There can be no room for political chicanery and double talk. The stoic silence by Goa Governor PS Sreedharan Pillai on this very crucial issue is deafening. He must intervene and speak up for Goa and our best interests as he is the Constitutional custodian of our State.

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Domnic Mascarenhas
Saturday - Jan 7, 2023
Govind Karjol is not against Goans but his own people residing in Goa. At least 25% Kannadigas floating are in Goa. And they have changed their names. Cheers to the minister.
Newton Mendonca
Saturday - Jan 7, 2023
Confused leaders and confused governance. Our democracy has nothing much to offer. People like Antonio Costa, Kamala Harris prefer to strengthen foreign democracies, while we continue to suffer here.
Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Friday - Jan 6, 2023
Yes Mel bab this river flows through the North, but around 25 MLD of its water is pumped into the Opa water treatment plant, which supplies to Ponda and Tiswadi talukas.

Manoj Parab, politicians, social activists, etc are taking advantage of this situation and threatened all Goa agitation on Mhadei issue. They also asked the CM to resign if this issue is not solved. There is also a meeting at Azad Maidan on 8th Jan. Jai ho Goa.
Thursday - Jan 5, 2023
Correct me if I'm wrong but this Madei or (Mother river) is Mandovi, as it flows out into the Arabian sea? It enters through Sattari/Valpoi and flows through Bicholim etc...So mainly through the North, through constituencies that are kattar or hardline hindoovta of BJP? So fk them, simple, as their own party, the BJPee has sold them out.
Look at the plus side

-There won't be any water, for the casinos to float?? ha ha ha

-Majority of Niz Goenkars have wells or alternative source of water or drink let the ghattis suffer

- Large tracts of Goa will become unhabitable? Have we not had enough of 'development??
let it return back to Mother nature, instead of being filled with ghatti scum
Sometimes, good also is bad and bad is good...

can we get (Marathi ghatti) Revolutionary Goans, Manoj Parab from Dodamarg, to carry out agitation against kannadi ghattis, based on these sentiments?? Drive them out and then we can eventually take on marthi ghattis,...divide and rule.. I know I know I am dreaming. As all our Catlick MLAs and Priests are deep inside the BJP bonk
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