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Seldon Rodrigues Hailing From Margao Arrested For The Murder On New Year’s Eve
Wednesday - Jan 4, 2023
Seldon Rodrigues Hailing From Margao  Arrested For The Murder On New Year’s Eve
London: Police say a woman found dead in her home on New Year's Eve had been stabbed as her neighbour has been charged with her murder. Stephanie Hansen's body was discovered in her house in Hayes, West London, after police and paramedics were called to the address at 10.13am. The 29-year-old, who worked at Heathrow Airport as a cargo agent, has been described as "beautiful and funny" by friends.
Seldon Rodrigues, 29, originally from Margao Goa, of the same street, also of Willenhall Drive, has been charged with her murder, Scotland Yard confirmed on Tuesday. Sheldon Rodrigues – 29 (28.11.93) of Willenhall Drive, Hayes will appear in custody at Uxbridge Magistrates' Court on Tuesday, 3 January charged with the murder of 39-year-old Stephanie Hansen.
Rodrigues was arrested after officers were called to a residential address in Willenhall Drive, Hayes on Saturday, 31 December. Stephanie - who lived at the address - was found deceased inside the property with stab injuries. He was due to appear in custody at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court.
Police have said they are not looking for any further suspects and have reassured locals that there is no continuing risk to the public. Stephanie's pals said she was "a beautiful young lady and a remarkable environmental heroine". One friend, who volunteered alongside her litter-picking with the Cranford Action Group, wrote: "We are shocked and deeply saddened to hear the loss of our dear friend Stephanie Hansen on New Year's Eve. "Stephanie, a beautiful young lady and a remarkable environmental heroine."
She continued: "Her love for the natural world was unparalleled as was her dedication to cleaning and greening Cranford. She would trek every weekend from Hayes to Cranford to help with our local projects. "We will miss her laughter, her boundless energy and fearlessness in tackling all things harmful to the environment. RIP Stef."
Speaking to MyLondon, she added that Stephanie had been a "loyal member" of their group who would volunteer her time every weekend, litter picking, cleaning the riverside, and more. She said what she will remember most about Stephanie is her laugh.
"Litter picking isn't very glamorous but we would stay there longer than intended as we were really enjoying ourselves," she said. "She was an empowered lady. "She did what she could and overall she made a difference. “She was taken away so early. She had so much more to give." Another friend said: "I will always remember Stephanie Hansen as a funny cheerful girl with her pink hoop. I can't believe you are gone... You will be truly missed... rest in peace my beautiful friend..."
Anyone with information is asked to call 101, quoting reference 2143/31DEC. Otherwise, they can also anonymously contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Comments (7)
Friday - Jan 6, 2023
If the cap fits, wear it
To many such makods,who struggle to even pass SSC and won’t even get a peons job.

Make PP and think they will become big patraos…MPC money power chicks
this chap or makod ani hampri is a classic example
Friday - Jan 6, 2023
I read the link posted by Mel bab. This British lady was clearly another virtue-signalling libtard who got murdered by one of her ghetto pets. Most women without children or other immediate family to care for direct their altruism towards outgroups, believing in media BS about all outsiders being "just like us". I've noticed something similar happening in Goa with affluent "educated" libtards (especially those insulated in ancestral houses and gated communities) campaigning for even more migrants in Goa using all kinds of BS arguments.
Japode carvalho
Friday - Jan 6, 2023
All goans are hampri and mokod like me living in Lisboa. CARVALHO.
Friday - Jan 6, 2023
Crime is is sad thing when human beings kills one another in fit of anger. It destroy life of both victim and the accused person. So best way to control anger and mover forward for long life. People should stop commenting or be racist by calling by names instead should try to console both families of tragedy.
Thursday - Jan 5, 2023
Check this link Bba Rupesh, will answer some of your queries
Rupesh Pednekar
Thursday - Jan 5, 2023
Shame on such criminals of Goan origin. How come he entered the victim's house and murdered her? What was the reason? Why did she allow him inside the house if at all he entered without force entry? There must be two sided clapping or the other way can be that it was a enmity between them for quite some time. But why commit murders?
Thursday - Jan 5, 2023
Makod, probably took selfie thinking he will get a role in Hollywood. From his makod looks, won't even get a side hero role in a Tamil movie. Narcissistic makod ani hampri.

Pic of victim too is outdated and misleading. Probably her pic when she was 18-21. From google, she is now 39, a fat woman who probably had weight and depression issues and spent time on enviromental issues as a diversion .

Seen a common trend here in pakli women, who get zorofied in their teens and 20s. Once they cross 35, they are no longer wanted by mainstream, but still manage to hold down a basic job. While they pile on weight, spend a lot of time on chocolates, wine, holidays and shopping, end up on antidepressants and shack up with some unemployed hampri. Who leeches of them, pays no bills, uses her credit cards to the hilt, while also having a younger gf or gfs on the side.

Finally the woman wakes up that she's being used as a muppet, tells the hampri toy boy to get out, who in turn gets violent and attacks her!! A frequent titatr seen in the West.....

hampri RODrigues is looking at min 20 years behind bars...dare not drop the soap in the prison showeroom..enzoy, since he murdered a white women, prison is gonna be fun for this makod or to be madokina!!
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