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Is It Double Standards And Hypocrisy By The RSS? - By Aires Rodrigues
Wednesday - Jan 4, 2023
Is It Double Standards And Hypocrisy By The RSS? - By Aires Rodrigues
The BJP has close ideological and organisational links with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) which has been at least officially concerned about the moral bankruptcy while sounding the alarm against all wrong social tendencies. So, with the RSS Supremo Mohan Bhagwat now in Goa for his conclave he should be able to shed light on that stoic silence by the RSS on the current social degeneration of our once beautiful and pristine Goa which is all happening with the all-out tacit support and blessings of the BJP.
Goa which was considered as the Pearl of the Orient has today been sadly reduced to a gambling, prostitution and narcotics hub, resulting in a crime destination too. So, the RSS would have to speak out if it concurs with the current sad state of Goa. Casinos and Dance bars were never meant to be part of our culture but Goa is today known for these social menaces with people flocking here to consume drugs too. Very deafening is also the silence of the RSS on those facing serious criminal cases continuing in the Goa Cabinet. And is the RSS in harmony with all that rampant corruption that has now engulfed Goa.
And it would be useful to know what Mohan Bhagwat and RSS have to say about that Silly Souls Café & Bar run by the family of senior BJP leader and Union Minister Smriti Irani serving exotic beef dishes and pork too. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Over to the RSS and Mohan Bhagwat.

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Gabriel de Figueiredo
Saturday - Jan 7, 2023
The pearl has been cast to the swines
Wednesday - Jan 4, 2023

For Modi and RSS this is business, where their plan is to capture political power, destroy the opposition, become the sole party and then loot the nation--SIMPLES

Hindoovta or RUM Temple is just a fig leaf or a bridge, which is used to win elections and cross over to the other side. Just like Modi planned Godhra riots 2001, to polarise the masses, win elections and take complete control of Gujurat.

Once they win power, they centralise it, one man controls everything and his few chosen industrialists loot the country. The opposition is either terrorised or its funding cut through ED and CBI raids or as in the case of GOA-MLAS BOUGHT- The equivalent of how big companies buy out smaller companies who are competing with them and then close them down. The aim is MONOPOLY IN BUSINESS. A classic example is Goa, where they have destroyed or taken over the Congress party by buying its MLAs out.

One big flaw in this is the industrialists just loot the country. In order to loot, you need the price of what you loot to be low. Hence they need to crash or slow down the economy and keep the people in poverty or just hand to mouth. That's why they brought in demonetisation, gst and have lakhs of central jobs left unfilled. Through inflation and price raises, the masses just struggle to break even. Just before elections they have another 420 scheme, some rations to be distributed to people while hiking the price of the gas cylinder. So the poor can get free (worm-infested) rice to cook on a 1500 rupee gas cylinder!! So under Modi, I CAN WRITE IN MY BLOOD, THE ECONOMY WILL NEVER IMPROVE BECAUSE ADANI AND AMBANI DON'T WANT IT TO IMPROVE. Just like Babush Rat famously once said that Parrikar was so powerful, he could give a government job to each family of Panjim but chose NOT TO ..Now you know why

What does RSS get? They are a bamon, upper kast party. Through the destruction of democracy, they feel confident that the 10-20% upper kast can keep winning elections and can loot the 80% , like they have been doing for the last 5000 years
Look at Goa, the BJP votes don't cross 30%, since 2012 but they will be in power for 15 years!!

At the end of the day it's for the masses and rses to wake up and do their own research, use their little tokli or grey matter and be devoid of any emotions.

Since 2014 has my quality of life improved? Yes or no? wrt jobs, employment, prices and general wealth and health of the masses
Or am I happy looking at some pics of Rum temple and happy taking out my frustrations by beating up some mamu beards?

The choice is yours ..sadly the masses tend to be rses, so this Modi and RSS circus will roll on for a few more years,, have some pop corn, masala chai and enzoyy watching the g@y clown wearing one pink or feminine attire every day
at least the pound and dollar are rising wrt the sinking rupee, so be happy

Standards?? from RSS? They sided with the British and didn't want independence!! They are full of g@y men!!!! I challenge you to prove me wrong.

From their founders to date, 90% are g@y..which they hide through 'bachelorhood'
Such as Modi, who married, couldn't perform, drove his wife out, then roamed the hills of the Himalayas for 2 years 'adopting'Nepali boys,got bored they came down and joined the RSS
It's full of such filthy men..what standards?????
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