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Ice New Song ‘Zunvemkaranchim Navam’ - By A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim.
Friday - Dec 30, 2022
Ice New Song ‘Zunvemkaranchim Navam’ - By A. Veronica Fernandes, Candolim.
One of the well-known Tiatrists and singers who is creating ripples on the’ ‘Konkani Stage today is Avers Pereira a Gulf returnee from Zuvem (St. Estevão) and he is heading the headlines today and since sometime back. He currently is a proud member of the proud troupe of proud script writer and director Jacob Fernandes who is acclaimed by the proud Tiatro goers as the force behind the promotion of Tiatro, is a very good singer, whose songs I have listened carefully in the UTUBE and he sings well and his songs are full of meanings with living examples, one such song is the recently released on his YouTube is “ZUNVEKARANCHIM NAVAM”. 
I am sure Avers Pereira must have taken lot of pains in researching the matter for this song and also for its correctness too and because of this I compliment him profusely because he kept thru this song a sign of love and affection for the future generations and posterity as a whole. Why future generations only, even for the current generation it will be something new as most of them I am sure it will be the News. Every listener of this song by listening to it will come to know that it is difficult or next to impossible to locate the houses of so many residents of Zuvem unless you cite their nick-names.
In this song Avers Pereira indicates the names - he nicknames - of so many residents of Zuvem, it looks that the entir4e Zuvem is having nicknames. Good that there were no names in vulgar and bad words. In my Constituency there is one house nicknamed as "Fodreaguer' and in my village and in my very Vaddo there are two Mango Trees nicknamed as "Zounkuro" and "Xentoryo"
The song was well rendered by the attractive looking handsome singer AVERS PEREIRA by applying his mind and heart very deeply. Well done Bab Avers Pereira. Please note that people are waiting for more of your such songs.  Credit for this song to become a hit must surely go to the Musical score provided by the Musicians under maestro Chris Correia who deserve our appreciation. 

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