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Speaker Ramesh Tawadkar Has Been A Disaster - By Aires Rodrigues
Friday - Dec 30, 2022
Speaker Ramesh Tawadkar Has Been A Disaster - By Aires Rodrigues
The Speaker of the Goa Legislative Assembly Ramesh Tawadkar owes an unconditional apology to the people of Goa for his total mismanagement and unlawful partisan handling of Goa’s Legislature Secretariat. On becoming Speaker Ramesh Tawadkar should have severed all his ties with the BJP and at least attempted to be non-partisan and a truly neutral Speaker. But on the contrary, he has let loose a veil of secrecy in the functioning of the Assembly Secretariat making it yet another RSS fortress.
Ramesh Tawadkar was duty bound to act against all those MLA car stickers which have been doled out to all and sundry with now even some anti-social elements merrily moving around brandishing those stickers on the windshield of their cars. The least that was expected from the Speaker was for him to lodge a First Information Report so that the Police could have investigated this widespread misuse of stickers which were meant for vehicles of MLAs only but are now being misused by anyone and everyone. A very sad and sordid unacceptable state of affairs.
And will Ramesh Tawadkar please explain to the people of Goa as to how he is illegally moving with two police escort jeeps, a perk and privilege that a Speaker is not entitled to. Speaker Ramesh Tawadkar should get his act together and restore sanity at the Goa Legislature Secretariat or alternatively put in his papers and go back to learning some lessons of democratic principles and good governance.

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Friday - Dec 30, 2022
What this Makod tribul Tawadkar makodkar knows about ethics, honesty or democracy?

As sports minister, he took money from those ghatti builders and even a flat in lieu of bribes and ignored illegalities in their building

Leading to the buildings collapsing and 31 people losing their lives and scores of others being injured. Such makods should either be locked up in bondla zoo or Aguada jail. They are unfit to run even a sulabh saunchalaya, forget a public office. makod
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