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Traffic Mayhem Outside GMC At Bambolim Must Be Resolved - By Aires Rodrigues
Thursday - Dec 29, 2022
Traffic Mayhem Outside GMC At Bambolim Must Be Resolved - By Aires Rodrigues
Poor road engineering is a cause for many accidents. The authorities need to act to remedy the situation and save precious lives at such accident-prone junctions across the State. A glaring example is the long pending mess at the Goa Medical College (GMC) junction in Bambolim where lack of signages is the major challenge in particular for Tourists and to those not familiar to the area, not knowing which road is two way and which is not.
The old road coming from Santa Cruz is very accident prone near the NEXA showroom as the vehicles exit and enter the Highway besides going to GMC too. All those encroachments including garages, restaurants and illegal parking only reduce the road width acting as a recipe for accidents.  Even Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari had publicly acknowledged that the design of this junction was faulty but there has been no rectification done or even an attempt. Signages on the road side as well as dividers on two-way roads can help reduce the accidents.
And nothing more needs to be said about the utter traffic chaos at the entrance of GMC with the authorities having miserably failed to ensure free flow of traffic at this very busy hospital being visited by thousands of patients every day. Despite the vendors having been relocated after proper stalls were built for them, they continue to brazenly squat at the entrance of the hospital posing a nuisance and impeding the free flow of traffic including ambulances. Are the authorities so helpless to crack the whip?

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Friday - Dec 30, 2022
Have you thought about the Vote Bank politics?
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