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Walking Along The New Bridges – By Arun Baba Naik
Wednesday - Dec 28, 2022
Walking Along The New Bridges – By Arun Baba Naik
The only bridge in Goa on which I have walked is Borim bridge. This was necessary somewhere in 70's as one of its pillars was hit by a barge and loaded buses weren't allowed to cross. So, we had to get down at one end, walk the bridge and then get back into the same bus. When Atal Setu was inaugurated people were allowed to walk on the bridge on that day and the following days. But I did not walk it because it was a healthy bridge and not a sick one like the Borim bridge.
Going by the same logic I do not wish to walk on the New Zuari Bridge because it's a healthy bridge and meant for crossing river Zuari in a car or a two-wheeler or a bus. Meanwhile I request people not to walk on this new bridge (from 5 to 7) as it indirectly leads to worsening of the traffic jam situation on the Old Bridge.
In fact, with most newspapers highlighting the woes of the motorists at Zuari bridge I was expecting our government to stop the "walking over the bridge" facility so as to ease the traffic jam situation somehow. Obviously, they have their own priorities and compulsions. Waiting for Nitin Gadkari to officially declare open the bridge so that most people like me can ride over it.

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