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Indian Migrant In Goa Arrested For Raping A Student At Patto Panjim
Tuesday - Dec 27, 2022
Panjim: The Panjim women police have arrested Chandrashekar Lamani (35), driver of a tourist vehicle, for allegedly raping a student (major in age) of an educational institute located in South Goa while she was sleeping on the rear seat of the vehicle near a hotel at Patto in Panjim. Accused Lamani is a resident of Zuarinagar Birla and has been remanded to five-day police custody.
The incident occurred on Sunday and based on the complaint filed by the victim’s friend the accused person was arrested on Sunday night. The accused had fled from the crime scene. However, late at night, the police tracked him down. Referring to the incident, police said that a group of students from the educational institute had hired the vehicle in order to visit the capital city in view of Christmas. They came to the city in the vehicle and after moving around, the vehicle was parked at Patto near a hotel.
While the students went to eat food, the victim decided to stay back and slept on the rear seat of the vehicle. After the students left, seeing the victim alone, the accused raped her. The women police have conducted the panchanama and attached the vehicle. As per information, the victim and the accused have been medically examined at the Goa Medical College and hospital (GMC) at Bambolim. Police said that the probe is on. Police inspector Sandhya Gupta is investigating the case.

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Wednesday - Dec 28, 2022
Ghanttis will be ghanttis wherever they go, this behaviour corresponds with their genetics (median IQ 85, same as American Blacks). Goa doesn't follow Magic Dirt Theory, no matter what propaganda is released by the Tourism & Real Estate lobbies. Expect many more such crimes in future, because Demographics is Destiny.
Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Wednesday - Dec 28, 2022
I fully agree with Bhumiputtar de Goa. But which bhumiputtar of Goa will do that?
Bhumiputtar de Goa
Wednesday - Dec 28, 2022
Cut off the tool of his trade - his missile - and then let's see how many of these Ghanttis with the missing Ghantta will do this in future.
Tuesday - Dec 27, 2022
An original ghatti, Doctrue Pramod Sawnant from Kholhapur, is ruling us and wanted to make more of his ilk into Niz Goenkars. Via the Bhumi-putto bill
Anne Lewis Mascarenhas
Tuesday - Dec 27, 2022
Ghanti te ghantich !
Cathy Rodrigues
Tuesday - Dec 27, 2022
That's why, we Niz Goankar call them Ghantis.
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