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Roadside Hoardings & Posters Are A Nuisance - By Aires Rodrigues
Tuesday - Dec 27, 2022
Roadside Hoardings & Posters Are A Nuisance - By Aires Rodrigues
The authorities are duty bound to stringently enforce every law without fear or favour. But sadly this has not been happening in the State of Goa with the burden cast on our High Court to monitor the enforcement of various laws and regulations. One such issue that the High Court has been monitoring is of all those Illegal hoardings along the national Highways and state highways. Despite various warnings the authorities have been conveniently playing truant by sleeping on the issue while these hoardings erected in contravention of law are a distraction to motorists and cause for many accidents.
Posters and billboards on electric poles across our cities are also a hindrance and should be all removed as they also divert the attention of the motorists. The authorities need to also take action against the nuisance of banners and posters put up on the roundabouts in our cities which obstructs the view of the motorists which should be unhindered. The law enforcement machinery should enforce the law with all due diligence and not expect the High Court to monitor all and sundry on account of the authorities failing to comply with their bounden duties. Stern action should be taken against officials who abdicate their responsibility and don’t enforce the law for political or pecuniary reasons.

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