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Taco Bell – By Stephen Dias, Dona Paula
Tuesday - Dec 27, 2022
Taco Bell – By Stephen Dias, Dona Paula
A newly opened restaurant namely TACO BELL which is in the midway from Miramar to Hotel Mandovi is not having adequate parking facilities. I saw people parking in opposite road footpath and entering this restaurant TACO Bell for eating the snacks. Also, there is another 5-star restaurant some few metres away called Mac Donald also having no parking facilities. I wonder who gives them approvals to run these restaurants without parking facilities. I have written very often about Mac Donald for traffic congestion but the authorities have ignored even the press statement.
Another serious issue which I noticed is at the Goa Saras 2022 - 23 exhibition and sale of rural SNG products at Campal grounds which started on 20th December for 10 days duration organised by District Rural Development agency, Government of GOA that the front stalls are issued to other states clients and Goans were given rear stalls. They all told me that their business is totally low and few of them have lost to earn anything even their cost of travelling from North Goa could not be achieved and their products are not been sold after working day and night.
I feel this is a bad planning to favour Non Goans businesses. The parking of vehicles was seen on adjacent footpath when enough place was available on ground. This job should have been entrusted to Smart City organizers as they claim they are keeping this city of Panjim at the top position. The whole Miramar from Samadhi till Hotel Mandovi and further, the area is in Mess with Casinos in River Mandovi, jetties suffocated with heavy constructions. I see no proper coordination within the electricity department, Forest, Kala Academy, navigation department, agriculture, PWD, CCP and Panchayat.

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Wednesday - Dec 28, 2022
Na re Bab Soares,
Gostachi omelette te ros omelette, from select gaados. There used to be a couple outside Don Bosco and also near Cine national or alankar.
Wednesday - Dec 28, 2022
Who gives them approvals to run these restaurants without parking facilities? Well I was discussing about this with my neighbour, his 9 year old on hearing us interjected: what uncle you dont know?!?! Can't you guess? The parking fees have already gone in the pockets of the person concerned approving these restauarants... Ho Ho Ho........
Tuesday - Dec 27, 2022
MdG - McDonaldiche egg omellete gostachi
Tuesday - Dec 27, 2022
5-star restaurant some few metres away called Mac Donald

MCdONALD?? 5 STAR? In West there are loads of McDonalds, where mostly hampris and losers eat all day long
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