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Life Should Aim To Serve Society - By Aires Rodrigues
Saturday - Dec 17, 2022
Life Should Aim To Serve Society - By Aires Rodrigues
In life it’s not how long we live but how fulfilling the journey has been. We will not be remembered by the quantum of wealth and materialistic things that we have acquired and amassed but for the social goodwill that we have achieved. Every day has to be a day that we have been able to contribute something worthy to society however small it may be. It would be a day in vain if we do not at least attempt to bring a smile to someone’s face or try to lighten somebody’s pain. Unless we are ready to share and shoulder the anguish being endured by others, it would not be a life well lived.
We must also never hesitate to stand up and speak out our minds. There are enough Souls praising those in Power, so we need to balance the scales by exposing the wrongdoings of the Powers to be. Let us never be complacent as to the damage being inflicted on our environment, ecology and social fabric. There is a need to maintain a vigil on our land and this bounden duty we cannot abdicate.
We have to act today and not procrastinate waiting for another day. Life today is so very uncertain with people dying young due to unforeseen reasons. Precious lives are being snuffed out every day due to accidents. We never know when we will get the Master’s Call. It could be any day, anytime and anywhere. So let us buckle up in doing our little bit for the betterment of society and mankind at large. 

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