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Niz Goenkar
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Our Human Rights Are Sacrosanct - By Aires Rodrigues
Friday - Dec 16, 2022
Our Human Rights Are Sacrosanct - By Aires Rodrigues
On 10th December while the world observed Human Rights Day, hopefully we have all vowed to selflessly make our Goa a better place where Human rights are not a privilege of just a few but a rightful liberty entitled to every single Human. It is appalling that this awfully Power intoxicated government pays scant respect to the orders passed by the Human Rights Commission which is an independent authority constituted by law to deliver justice and bring to book the violators of Human Rights. The government must respect and diligently comply with all the orders passed by Courts and other constitutionally established authorities.
In the current state of anarchy, there is a paramount need to secure the human rights of one and all. No citizen should have to fear the State but should confidently participate in its administration and stand up for his Rights. We all need to be champions in the battle of ensuring everyone’s Human Rights. There couldn’t be a more worthy cause to be striving for. Infact every day should be a Human Rights Day, a day on which we work to ensure that all people can live with equality, dignity and freedom in its true sense. Needless to say, that Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere.

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