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Clinical Nutrition - By Stephen Dias, Dona Paula Goa
Thursday - Dec 15, 2022
Clinical Nutrition - By Stephen Dias, Dona Paula Goa
One person mentioned that what is the simplest logic makes the most sense, which prompted me to apply it to our lives. In fact, the most basic aspect of life is food and nutrition. So it is thus prudent that your nutrition through the three times that you consume food, that is breakfast, lunch and dinner, should contains in totality all the essential carbohydrates, sugars, vitamins, minerals as well as proteins.
Thus, essential and non-essential amino acids in grams and milligrams that are required by each and every one of us, for each may be differently so that all the organs of the body and all the secretions of all our glands and the blood receive the required quantities of essential nutrients that will prevent the body from falling prey to disease through a strong immunity that is reinforced by exercising your body to the required extent so that all disease is kept at bay. A balanced nutrition that encompasses the function of your entire body is the best way to prevent disease and thus save you from expensive treatment. Consult your clinical nutritionist so that you can consume all the nutrients through your diet.

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