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The BJP’s Gross Abuse Of Power - By Aires Rodrigues
Thursday - Dec 15, 2022
The BJP’s Gross Abuse Of Power - By Aires Rodrigues
Goa has witnessed Governments under various regimes but the abuse of Power by the BJP is unparalleled. It extends to anything and everything. Every rule and established protocol being brazenly breached. The Goa Legislature Secretariat issues stickers to be used by MLAs on their vehicles. But they have reportedly been doled out to all and sundry who are chums of the party.
Noticed a car parked in the city bearing registration No GA07 P 7770 and out of curiosity enquired with the Road Transport Office (RTO) about the owner. This vehicle which had an MLA’s sticker belongs to Sidhesh Dessai a resident of Taleigão who is NOT an MLA but prominently in event management and happens to be also closely connected with Mandrem MLA Jit Arolkar. It so reveals that even some history sheeters are flouting these MLA stickers on their cars. What a disgrace. Another instance of Jungle Raj.
Speaker Ramesh Tawadkar should look into this serious breach of Protocol. Stickers should be issued with the vehicle registration number on it and only after verifying that the vehicle is in the name of the concerned MLA. Those responsible for giving away these stickers in such a reckless manner must be hauled up. 

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