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Airlines Start Cancellation Of Bookings & Diverting Passengers From Dabolim To Mopa
Wednesday - Dec 14, 2022
Airlines Start Cancellation Of Bookings & Diverting Passengers From Dabolim To Mopa
Panjim: Some well-known airlines have already started cancelling their flights from Dabolim airport and are opting to fly from Goa's new International Airport in Mopa. Despite some politicians claiming that Dabolim airport will not be closed in future, the hollowness of this claim has started showing even before the Mopa airport starts full-fledged operation. Some of the flight ticket booking agents revealed that some of their customers have started receiving messages from the airlines stating that their previous bookings have been cancelled and they should take their money back. The agents said that it is understood that the same flights will now depart from Mopa airport on the same schedule.
Parshuram Sonurlekar, a ticket booking agent from Vasco, informed that two airlines, Indigo and Go First, have already announced that they will stop their Dabolim flights from January 1, 2023. Looks like other airlines will follow suit, he added. Since it is not affordable for the airlines to keep staff at both airports, there are currently indications that most of them will prefer one of the two locations.
A passenger from South Goa informed that he received a message from the airline that his booking from Dabolim airport was cancelled. The message stated that the flight for which the booking had been made would not depart on that day and he should take the money back. The said passenger had booked two tickets for Goa-Mumbai-Dehradun in the first week of January. On further enquiry, the passenger learnt that the airline had decided to cancel the flight on the same day and at the same time. He said that other passengers also had this experience.
Eraz Mulla, an air ticket booking agent in Margão said that some people have received similar messages. It is now the turn of all these passengers to book new tickets. Later when inquired about the possibility of change in ticket booking method post-announcement of Mopa opening, he informed that passengers in North Goa have completely turned their backs on Dabolim airport and, as a result, demand to fly from Dabolim has reduced to some extent.

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Thursday - Dec 15, 2022
Good, very good, enough of this 'development' of Salcete and Vasco ani maati gobor
Does anyone remember those days? Where you could walk up to the plane, to pick up your relatives, like a train. The roads leading to Dabolim were flanked by fields and villages, small chapels and churches. 90% of the population used to be Catlick Niz Goenkars, going about their daily activities.

What do you see today? Huge slums, some Verna bypass, leading to more slums and ghattis ghattis all around, with no Goan in sight, filth, garbage and dirt strewn across. From the air, what difference would it be from a slum in Bombay?

Good, close this airport down, enough of this bull sheet development. Let the development go to Mopa or Zon..The people there only want cushy jobs, cushy Government jobs to park their bonks on a chair all day, till they retire. Mopa will be a busy place, so all these jobs will be filled on a contract basis by ghattis, making Mopa the new ghatti utopia. Good riddance

The fight today is to prevent us from becoming, like the Parsis, a micro minority in our land
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