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BJP Flouts The Law Yet Again - By Aires Rodrigues
Wednesday - Dec 14, 2022
BJP Flouts The Law Yet Again - By Aires Rodrigues
On 11th December after inaugurating the Mopa airport, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a meeting of BJP Ministers and MLAs besides core committee members of the party inside the Airport terminal. This was in total breach of the solemn undertaking given to our High Court. 
On 1st July 2017 possibly for the first time ever in the history of our country within the high security precincts of an airport the Goa BJP held a meeting addressed by then party President Amit Shah at the Dabolim Airport. In total violation of the law and contrary to the Airport regulations a meeting of party workers was allowed within the airport premises. When that breach of law was raised before the High Court, the Airport authorities in an undertaking filed on oath assured the High Court that in future no such occurrence would ever take place under any circumstances within the airport area and its precincts. But after repeating the act on the very inaugural day of Mopa, it is high time the BJP realizes that it cannot be allowed to vitiate the sanctity of Institutions by acting in sheer arrogance and abuse of power.
Visits by dignitaries cannot cause inconvenience to the common man which was witnessed galore over the weekend. With modern technology at hand, couldn’t the Mopa Airport have taken off through a launch by virtual mode? It would have saved the public all that inconvenience that they had to endure and more importantly would have saved the huge expenditure incurred on such needless extravaganza while the State coffers are empty. And that very embarrassing goof up in not appropriately naming this new Airport has only exposed the sagging intelligence quotient of this fumbling and faltering government. 

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Jeraldo Pereira
Wednesday - Dec 14, 2022
Indian judiciary become street dogs if you throw bone it will come behind you
Mandar Lotlikar
Wednesday - Dec 14, 2022
That earlier undertaking was in regards to Dabolim Airport. This is Mopa so they will give another undertaking now. And they already planning for a third airport also
Wednesday - Dec 14, 2022
BREAKING NEWS: Modi, in order to secure the South Goa Lok Sabha seat, has agreed to inaugurate the Sonsoddo dump as well. As well as hold the first election meeting there.

Arrangments will be done by local makod MLA Alexio Reginaldo, hiding deep under the garbage heap. Wearing a TMC or independent camouflage outfit, to hide the stink of the lotus growing out from his huge bonk from his constituency

The name of the Sonsodo dump will be? Nepali cumdump. As the Waste Minister caring for this dump is out on bail on a r'pe case of a minor Nepali gal and Modi has tender feelings towards Nepali boys. That he even married, sorry adopted, a 12-year-old Nepali boyz!!
Wednesday - Dec 14, 2022
India doesn't have a PM Prime Minister, it has a 24/7 Prachar Minister. Prachar in Hindi is election campaigning The gy chap campaigns 24/7 across the country. Be it panchayat, municipality, assembly or Lok Sabha, power is everything to him. Not sure when he gets time to do any work as the rest of the time he's travelling around the world, doing things gy guys love

The real pappus are the T3 in North India and the GSB Bamons in Goa. They have been left with a lollipop in their mouth.
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