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Tale Of The Eight Traitors Now Facing Political Destitution - By Aires Rodrigues
Tuesday - Dec 13, 2022
Tale Of The Eight Traitors Now Facing Political Destitution - By Aires Rodrigues
The eight Congress MLAs, who on September 14th hurriedly plunged into the murky waters of BJP without life jackets are now floundering with no escape route. They did not hesitate to betray their voters as the fifty crores that each of them pocketed was too tempting an offer that led to their personal greed taking priority over loyalty and integrity. In this case, particularly for the Nuvem MLA Aleixo Sequeira who, in his political twilight, fast tracked his political grave. The BJP had reportedly outsourced to Churchill Alemão the task of arm-twisting Sta Cruz MLA Rodolfo Fernandes and delivering him those bags of money and a false promise of the Chairmanship of Kadamba Transport Corporation.
Some of the defectors now blame Digambar Kamat for having led them into this political inferno. The Margão MLA had his own agenda of having a safe passage through the serious criminal cases and to be safely insulated from any action by the ED, CBI, and the Taxman. The hilarious highlights of this defection drama were of Digambar Kamat making a mockery of God and the vow that he had made just before the elections, by claiming that he had spoken to his God and got a go ahead to join the BJP and also laughable was Rodolfo Fernandes getting the green light to defect from his departed mother.
These eight MLAs used by the BJP and reduced now to political junk are repenting. But the only way out for them is to resign as MLAs and gracefully depart from Goa’s political turf after seeking forgiveness from God and also their voters. There can be no better face-saving exit for this now shamed pack of eight.
Burying their heads in the sand and maintaining the status quo is not an option for these politically saddened orphans wandering in no-man’s land and lamenting being powerless in the BJP, as sooner or later they will have to face the inevitable judgment and retribution from God and the people they betrayed.

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Jacob Xavier
Wednesday - Dec 14, 2022
Biupachi goroz na vs jumping frogs
Domnic Fernandes
Wednesday - Dec 14, 2022
People of GOA waiting for the Results of these Extraordinary Brilliant Humans.
Rupesh Pednekar
Wednesday - Dec 14, 2022
He saglle kutre, hankan saglleank vorun zatak launk zai. Shameless creatures must get what they deserve for deserting their oath.
Tuesday - Dec 13, 2022
Who is the real Pappu? Or the real popot?Carrying on this topic...

The Brahmins invented RSS and even after it was banned post independence, like a secret order, they kept it alive. You can see Parrikar and Goa. When BJP didn't exist in Goa, Parrikar used to attend RSS shakas and was a prominent RSS worker.The RSS later founded and supported BIP.

Who helped Modi rise? People like Parrikar, who helped him get elected as BJP President in 2013. In return what did Parrikar get? His own son kicked out, with a rapist and criminal getting the Panjim seat. So who's the real Pappu? The bamons...

All the upper caste and middle class city based BJP supporters have had their standard of living plummet since 2014. Inflation, pensions, taxes and the jing bang...only Gujjus Adani and Ambani are raking it whose the real Pappu now?

Biggest joke, today was Parrikar's 67 bday, anyone remembered him? thanks to Modi, Parrikars are the real Pappus of Goa...they build Bjp from scratch but today Papu Sawant and the likes of Monsterat and Mauvin are raking it in..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Tuesday - Dec 13, 2022
In a strong North Indian bhai accent, I would say, Pho ishee da reEALE pAPPU NAOW?
Check this link
Mahua Moitra On Fire In Lok Sabha | Mahua Moitra Tells The Govt...

MdG knows who are the real Pappus in India of 2022
The real pappu in India are not the dalits, OBC and shudra. they have been pappus for 1000s of years, so nothing new there. The REAL PAPPUS are the gsb bamons and upper kast T3 Tilak talwar taraju, who are being looted by Modi and his Adani/Ambani
ha ha h ha, they have been made popots and papus by Gujjus..ha h ha hah a
So sit back, have some chai and popcorn and pray that Modi wins in 2024 as well

Just as you can also watch the Conservative party comedy show, after 12 years of austerity, cuts and cuts, all the English got was BreSHIT. Besides this as well
89-year-old man taken to hospital on a wooden plank..even we in Goa could send him an ambulance, che che che bai loos an
Tuesday - Dec 13, 2022
Can't even all these people dogs or kolvonts. Took an oath in front of the Cross, tuh In all my life have seen many mthfuckers, rare to see such scum
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