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Sorrowing Lies Goa’s Capital City - By Aires Rodrigues
Friday - Dec 9, 2022
Sorrowing Lies Goa’s Capital City - By Aires Rodrigues
On this visit to Goa, Prime Minister Narendra Modi should open his eyes to the reality of a BJP run state. He should care to drive around an all dug up Panjim which looks like a war-torn city. Narendra Modi should also take a ride on Atal Setu and see for himself how crores of rupees have been poured down the drain on that botched up bridge.
The current state of Panjim is despicable and is an unacceptable state of affairs. The authorities are racing against time to exhaust the Smart City funds while carrying out haphazardly unplanned projects. The contractors engaged are substandard so will the works be while the people in Panjim are facing the brunt of this organised chaos. Ironically Panjim MLA Babush Monserrate while in the Opposition had branded the Panjim Smart City Mission a massive multi-crore scam. All this changed overnight after he embraced the BJP while now acting like a greedy guest at a wedding feast.
Panjim is currently a city in crisis, in dire straits, an eyesore and a risk with unsafe roads, pollution, and traffic jams. The MLA Babush Monserrate is too busy battling that infamous 2008 Panjim Police Station attack case and the Rape case of a minor girl. He is the main accused in both of these very serious offences. For now, the residents and those commuting through Panjim, are left in the lurch fending for themselves while the city is being pounded and virtually raped by the Smart City contractors.

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Zephyrine Goveas
Wednesday - Dec 14, 2022
Yes, tourists visiting Panaji have reported about this. Not only about this but the North Goa beaches are especially infested with unruly, thuggish crowds and it's almost impossible to have a peaceful time at the well known beaches
Rupesh Pednekar
Saturday - Dec 10, 2022
Senhor Aires, not only Pangim but also the rest of Goa is soon going to be wiped out from the map. Watch and be ready. These greedy politicians and scavengers will do the destruction of Goa ultimately.
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