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Panjim Roads To Hell – By Stephen Dias, Dona Paula
Thursday - Dec 8, 2022
Panjim Roads To Hell – By Stephen Dias, Dona Paula
Nowhere in the world will have roads in the city like we have in Panaji Goa. Wherever you go, you find digging and digging with JCBs and some places the depth of holes are more than 3 metres deep without exaggerating and it continues its deep passages quite a long distance especially at areas near Municipal Garden near Cine Nacional, Panjim church, St Inez, Tonca, Lal Bhavan, Panjim cemetery, and Taleigão etc.
There is not a single road clear for us for motoring our vehicles at ease. When I plan to go to buy in a particular shop we need to plan which route I must take and wherever you reach the road is closed and go on taking all the routes until you get fed up. Waste of petrol, vehicles suspension damaged and by the time you reach home the clothes are turned red. This is our situation of Panaji city which our Government still thinks to make this city as SMART CITY.
Several cables and pipes are seen in these holes and I am sure they must have been by now damaged and very soon within a year again the same digging and breaking the road will continue that means this Panjim will always remain in the same state. Luckily this government have labourers from outside state to work as our Goenkar have left to London and other parts of world for better prospects. These same outside workers they start searching places to sleep and plans to rob our houses. What a disgusting situation we are facing in Panaji? Instead of taking up the repairs in phase manner they have damaged all over the city these roads.
And our Chief Minister still chanting to the people of Goa BIUPACHI GOROZ NAM.

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