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The Exposition Of Brains Of The Andh Bhakt’s At Hounslow? – By Rosario F. Rodrigues
Wednesday - Dec 7, 2022
The Exposition Of Brains Of The Andh Bhakt’s At Hounslow? – By Rosario F. Rodrigues
Possibly a lie, because the name of the month ‘DEMBERBER’ is not in the calendar of the year yet, and it will never happen, purely clean ignorant. Though still, I like to say; Dear subnormal intelligent and Judicious, sorry, am I wrong calling you these words? Even if I call the organizers Andh bhakts many people will agree with me. Still, if anyone of you reading this post is an ANDH BHAKT with a Portuguese Passport or obtained citizenship of the UK, I am saying the following words and informing you about the consequences in celebration of the State of Goa’s official celebration by some fools; IT IS NOT A CULTURAL CELEBRATION OF GOA to promote it in UK if you are a Portuguese passport holder, THIS IS AN ANTI-NATIONAL ACTIVITY BY YOU.  
Does anyone of you know the consequences of anti-national activities? KEEP IN MIND THE MONEY-MAKING BUSINESS OF A FEW INDIVIDUALS CAN COST THE PORTUGUESE CITIZENSHIP OF MANY; if you are holding a Portuguese passport and organizing or attending this kind of activity is absolutely ANTI-NATIONAL activity. Instead of being foolish, it's better for you all to surrender your Portuguese passport and say whatever you want to say against Portugal. It’s like a campaign to support the Chief Minister of Goa Dr. Pramod Sawant to find the sites of the temples to rebuild that he claimed without any evidence destroyed by the Portuguese in Goa. Do you all know WHY some of your Parish Churches in Goa are built on the sites of the temples or ruins of the temples?   
If the Portugal Government takes action against the ANTI-NATIONAL activities against the Nation, the European Union’s laws will enforce it in such a way that these anti-nationals will lose their Portuguese Passport forever. By the way, who is the Chief Guest? Mr. Manoj Parab, MLA Mr. Viresh Borkar, or Mr. Pramod Sawant? What you all are going to achieve by celebrating the State of Goa’s official and political affair in Hounslow in the UK? I am informing you all to celebrate the culture of Goa, not the political affairs of Goa. I am proudly saying HAPPY LIBERATION DAY of Goa because I am still holding an Indian Passport and will remain a citizen of India forever. Upkar korum bhond korat “ROGOT GOENKARANCHEM PIUNK”. 

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Wednesday - Dec 7, 2022
They hacked our site
Tit for tat! Attack is the best form of defence

You do not have access to
The site owner may have set restrictions that prevent you from accessing the site.


most of them bs but you will be able
to network and make frens!!
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