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Indian Groom Charged For Marrying Twin Sisters In Polygamous Wedding
Monday - Dec 5, 2022
Indian Groom Charged For Marrying Twin Sisters In Polygamous Wedding
Maharashtra: groom was booked under provisions of Indian law dealing with poligamy after he married a pair of twins in a public ceremony held in the southwestern state of Maharashtra. Videos of the nuptials that took place last Friday have left some of the social media surprised and shocked, even though the families of the individuals consented to the living arrangement. Things are, however, not looking good for the newlyweds after a criminal case was filed against the groom under charges related to polygamy.
The twins, identified as Pinky Padgaonkar and Rinky Padgaonkar, decided to marry the same man, Atul Uttam Autade, as they couldn’t bear parting from each other after marriage. The three had been living in the same house since their childhood and Mr Autade helped the family after the father of the two women passed away, the reports added. In the 28 seconds video, widely circulated on social media, the two sisters could be seen garlanding the groom as he is lifted up by his friends.
However, a local resident, Rahul Bharat, filed a complaint against Mr Autade under the section of Indian law dealing with the offence related to remarrying during the lifetime of a spouse. “A non-cognisable offence has been lodged. We will take the court’s permission and proceed ahead with further investigation,” Solapur rural superintendent of police Shirish Sadeshpande was quoted as saying by the Press. “The law states that a person can marry only one woman at a time. We have preliminary information that both sisters are close and wanted to stay together. Further investigation is underway.”
The outlet quoted advocate Harshad Nimbalkar, who said that the legality of their marriage should be checked against the country’s marriage act and that the protestation has to arise from the living spouse. “Whether the marriage is legal or not has to be checked as per the Marriage Act,” said Mr Nimbalkar. “The objection to this kind of marriage has to come from the first wife. We need to first find out whether all the marriage-related rituals took place or not.”

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Tuesday - Dec 6, 2022
Hello Bab Ignatius, long time no hear. Hope all is well.
Totally agree, that India is currently ruled by a mafia. The BJP/Modi/ RSS mafia. Where the rule is that either you are with us, or against us. Democracy is made a mockery, matti andi gobor. The underlying brains are of RSS/ Bamons, as they are fascists and want to destroy democracy. Knowing fully well, that if democracy is not destroyed, in the long term, the 70% obc dalits tribals and minorites will get power back, once Modi goes away, making them powerless, like the immediate aftermath of independence or Goan liberatioion. For Modi, he's fine with that, as he gets to remain in power despite being a complete non- perfoming circus joker or anzudo. While his Marwari/ Gujjus loot India.

On a lighter side, shouldn't the RSS BJP celebrate polygamy or polyandry, isn't it part of glorious Bharat Hindu culture too? Sanskari poly ani Amy

In the Mahabharata Draupadi had 5 FIVE husbands and Arjun had 4 FOUR, can't this joker have two? The only plus point of marrying twins, is that this joker would have only one mother-in-law. Two and he would probably have killed himself or like Modi, run away and join the RSS
Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Tuesday - Dec 6, 2022
Dear MDG, such marriage is acceptable in Europe and other part of the world but in India, it is against the law except for the Muslim.

Here in India the law is applicable for the non BJP people and for others it is big NO. There are so many cases against Babush, but he will not be convicted coz he is with BJP. What about Mauvin Godhino's power scam. There are documentary evidence against him, yet no action has been taken and the case is dragging for decades.
Tuesday - Dec 6, 2022
Why are others jealous?
If all three are happy and he looks after them, so be it
Better than Modi, who married and then deserted his wife. Only to marry again, this time to a Nepali boy. Sorry typo, in India such marriages are called 'Adoption'
Or like bebdo Atal Vajpayee, to have an affair with a married woman, LIVE at her house and even produce a daughter, while her cuckold hubby watched!!! tuh tuh tuh
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