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BJP Facing Tough Task Accommodating Defectors - By Aires Rodrigues
Monday - Dec 5, 2022
BJP Facing Tough Task Accommodating Defectors - By Aires Rodrigues
It is a very arduous task for the BJP in Goa to accommodate those eight Congress defectors, some as Ministers and the rest as heads of Government Corporations. They have been anxiously waiting for almost three long months for the crumbs to fall from their master’s table and are running out of patience. Much to their regret having hastily taken the plunge into the deep blue sea without a safety net or a return option they are helpless having burnt their bridges and having hit a political dead end.
Being experts at political prostitution and musical chairs is easy for the BJP! But dropping Ministers to create vacancies for these defectors will be a lot more difficult and divisive unless a clear criterion is laid down. If the BJP takes a wise and appropriate decision that those charge sheeted cannot continue as Ministers, it will create two instant vacancies with Ministers Mauvin Godinho and Babush Monserrate axed.
In doing so the BJP would also gain laurels for complying with the mandate of the Supreme Court that those with criminal charges should not be accommodated in seats of power. And if the BJP goes a step further to act against those involved in land grabbing and having dubious links with the land mafia, some more vacancies would evolve to house the now turncoats.
This could be one strategy to resolve the limbo the defectors find themselves in. But let us see how the BJP gets around this sensitive and ticklish issue. It is not going to be an easy affair for the BJP who are now caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. 
Let’s hope that this self-inflicted dilemma does not use up all the energy and time of this struggling Government, at the expense of dealing with the desperate needs of the people. Ultimately the unholy alliance of the BJP will reap what they sow. Life is like a boomerang. Our thoughts, words and deeds return to us sooner or later, with astounding accuracy! The power of KARMA beckons. 

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Monday - Dec 5, 2022
Don't feel pity for these mai-z?n…Each one received 50 crores each, plus any cases against them will 'go slow' or be dropped. Plus, no new fresh cases will be put.

The Lobos, for example, will be back, minting money from dru.g trade, chedi trade and land conversions. None of their illegal constructions would be under threat of demolition. Alex Sequeira got a nice retirement golden egg, which he can sit on and multiply it. While gambling in casinos
Everyone is a winner here
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