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The Law Will Slowly But Surely Catch Up With Those Silly Souls By Aires Rodrigues
Sunday - Dec 4, 2022
The Law Will Slowly But Surely Catch Up With Those Silly Souls By Aires Rodrigues
Goa Chief Secretary will on December 14th hear the appeal filed against the October 20th order passed by Excise Commissioner Narayan Gad in the case pertaining to that controversial ‘Silly Souls Café and Bar’ in Assagão allegedly run by the family of Union Minister for Women and Child Development Smriti Irani.
In terms of Section 40 of Goa Excise Act an appeal against the Excise Commissioner’s order lies before the Chief Secretary, while a challenge to the Chief Secretary’s order would be before the High Court. The Excise Commissioner in his order had allowed the Excise Licence of Silly Souls Café & Bar which was renewed in a dead man’s name Anthony D’Gama to be now transferred to his widow. That order of the Excise Commissioner has been challenged on 33 grounds as the licence which was obtained illegally and by fraud could not have been transferred in the name of Anthony Dgama’s widow. 
In the complaint before the Excise Commissioner on 20th July this year, it was pointed that the Excise licence was issued in January 2021 in the name of Anthony D’Gama illegally and later renewed in his name in June 2022, a year after his demise.  Documents were submitted to the effect that the premises where Silly Souls Café & Bar is located was leased to Eightall Food and Beverages by Anthony Dgama with effect from 1st January 2021 for a period of 10 years at a monthly rent of Rs 50,000.
The attention of the Excise Commissioner was also drawn that on 05th January 2021 when Anthony Dgama applied for the Excise Licence, the premises was already leased out to Eightall Food and Beverages which is operating in partnership with Ugraya Mercantile Pvt Limited of which Zubin Irani the husband of Smriti Irani is a director. Documents were also submitted that the GST No 30AAIFE7039H1ZM used by Silly Souls Café & Bar was also in the name of Eightall Food and Beverages as well the Food & Drugs Licence too.   

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Monday - Dec 5, 2022
I wouldn't worry about the outcome of this case or about law or baw. The main things here is that someone had the guts to punch the BJP on chin, in full public view. A sort of David versus Goliath moment.

Today in 2022, the BJP led by Modi are roaming around like baraons( uncastrated pigs) across India. Using the carrot and stick policy, to destroy anyone standing up to them.Anyone who stands up is either bought over or has police cases, ED and CBI dogs unleashed upon them. It's India in a new emergency, at least Indira Gandhi had the balls, to declare it upfront in 1977. Modi like a hijra can only do it on the sly.

So, in this context, someone could dare file a case against a high-profile BJP central Minister, who defeated Rahul in Amethi, is itself a VICTORY. Well done, salute
Allwyn Rodrigues
Monday - Dec 5, 2022
They will get away with it. Their clout is too much even for the CM to intervene. Sawant could be removed as CM
Xavier Anthony
Monday - Dec 5, 2022
No one is above the law. You cannot fool the public they watch everything quietly and at the right time they would attack. I respect the law they will not leave anyone whoever they may be.
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