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Two Nepalese Room Boys Arrested For Raping A Russian Guest
Saturday - Dec 3, 2022
Two Nepalese Room Boys Arrested For Raping A Russian Guest
Calangute: A 37-year-old Russian national was allegedly raped by two Nepali room boys at a hotel in Calangute North Goa, Goa police said on Friday adding that the two accused have been arrested. Both the arrested accused hail from Nepal's Bardhiya. Superintendent of Police (SP) North Goa Nidhin Valsan told Press on the phone said that the accused have been identified and arrested.
According to police the woman had arrived in Goa on Thursday and was staying with two other people in her hotel. After visiting several touristic places she returned to her room on Thursday evening. The woman came to Goa on Thursday night and checked in a Calangute hotel along with her two friends, the police said, adding that both her friends went out of the room asking the hotel manager to clean the room toilet.
But they were not aware that the woman was in the room. Sources said that when the victim was asleep two room boys namely Sakil Ansari alias Salman (23) and Sahimuddin Ansari (22) entered the room to clean the toilet. They took advantage of her loneliness in the room and allegedly raped her. When the woman’s friends returned, she narrated her ordeal to them and approached the police on Friday.
Superintendent of Police (SP) North Goa Nidhin Valsan said, "The Russian national had consumed alcohol and went to the hotel room to sleep. However, she was not accompanied by the other two roommates at that time," the SP said "Among the two accused, one entered the room first on the pretext of cleaning and raped the survivor. The survivor did not realize that she was raped as she was under the influence of alcohol.
Later another room boy entered the room and when he was about to rape the woman shouted for help," the North Goa SP added. The Police have registered the case and further investigation is underway. Acting on the complaint, the police registered a rape case and arrested the Nepal nationals.

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Sunday - Dec 4, 2022
Sakhil and Ansari, names explain a lot
Wonder why katwas are such prolific rapists, around the globe? There were hardly any katwas in Scandinavian countries in the 70/80. Large number came in as bikars or refugees and now there's a rape epidemic in one of the most peaceful and kind countries in the world. Why? Is it because their elders or religious teachers teach them that it's ok? To rape kafir women? Or the process of katwafying triggers some nerves, hence they need loads of wives and to rape women?

Don't know, all I know that only people like Saddam Hussein can keep them under control. People like Modi benefit as katwa pimps. They harness the public anger and anxiety towards katwas, win elections and then LOOT the masses. Without katwas and Gujurat riots of 2002 illiterate Modi would probably be still living in a backroom of an RSS office, washing RSS toilets and Advani's bonk. Like he did in his younger days
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