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Inland Waterways Of Goa - By Arun Baba Naik
Saturday - Dec 3, 2022
Inland Waterways Of Goa - By Arun Baba Naik
Many youngsters or even people below 50 years of age may not believe that in the good old days of Goa inland waterways of Goa were well developed. Why youngsters, even I haven't seen boats carrying passengers plying through these inland waterways, though I had heard these things from elders and always found the stories hard to believe when they said " पणजेच्यानसांवर्ड्यांहोडयेनबसुनवतालेआमीं".
Something hard to believe but that was a fact. The reason for my disbelief was that I had seen boats plying between Siolim and Morjim and particularly during Chavath and school holidays we used to go by these boats from Siolim to Morjim. And at times it used to take almost an hour depending upon the tide and the wind direction. And here we were told of people travelling by boat from Panjim to Sanvordem. Wonder how much time it took! But then there were other inland waterways which were active including Panjim to Volvoi and these routes find a mention in G S Amonkar's book " First Geography of Goa". Yes, we were taught about this in school but who paid attention to such things?
With road travel in Goa though becoming convenient but pretty dangerous with average at least one life lost every day, a thought that comes to my mind is how about reviving these inland waterway routes? At least a part of the burden on roads could be offloaded through these waterways. But then Panjim port will have to be located much upstream of where Casinos are presently located to permit smooth movement of boats. Details of active inland waterways in the good old days can be found from the article below

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Miguel Soares
Saturday - Dec 3, 2022
Enjoyed travelling from Dona Paul to Vasco by Steamboat in the 70's.

Ash - had heard that Santa Cruz Bondir was a port / thanks for the info.

Ami addim tinga gorouk voitalem.
Radharao Gracias
Saturday - Dec 3, 2022
These waterways are not exactly rivers but inlets of the sea and therefore the waters are saline. The amount of water at any given time is related to the tides. Rivers generally connote freshwater bodies where water originates up country and drains into the sea through rivers. The Goa 'river' waters may be fresh for a brief period during monsoons upstream.
Menino de Valpoi
Saturday - Dec 3, 2022
Arun bab, those days are hard to get back. They were the happiest days of our lives which will never come back. I was a kid when I have travelled with my grandmother to Old Goa by the then Vernekar Bhattkarachi Carreir and by poneu. By poneu I don't remember exactly where but many times. GONE ARE THOSE GOLDEN MEMORIES FOREVER FROM GOA given the modernisation.
Ash Naik
Saturday - Dec 3, 2022
I grew up in St Cruz in a Waddo called Bondir which was essentially a port of some sorts. The Mandovi estuaries run right into my backyard. Apparently Arab traders would sail up there in their canoes and ply their goods.
Pooja Katkar
Saturday - Dec 3, 2022
I heard all these unbelievable sounding tales from my Aajo (Grandfather). Of wafor from Panjim to Narvem for Janmashtami and voddem from Cumbarjua to Tonca....If only river navigation was possible. But in the economy friendly way of earlier times!! Now a days we are in too much hurry.
Mahadev Murgodi
Saturday - Dec 3, 2022
There is to be "Vapor" (literally means steam) traveling between Pilgaon and Ribandar/Pangim in those days. My childhood neighbourhood friend's mother used to travel to go to her mother’s place.
Madhu Narvekar
Saturday - Dec 3, 2022
During the pre-liberation days there was the River Navigation Dept which had good service by launch from Panjim to Pomburpa, Chorão, Piedade, Naroa, and Ackra. Locally these launches were referred to as Gasoline as they had British petrol engines Lister and Thornicroft.
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