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Government Mocks The People With Empty Promises - By Aires Rodrigues
Saturday - Dec 3, 2022
Government Mocks The People With Empty Promises - By Aires Rodrigues
Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on 21st October had publicly made a very tall solemn promise that the PWD, RTO and the Traffic Police would within 15 days prepare a plan to curtail road accidents. It is now over a month and yet no sign of how the authorities plan to deal with the rising number of accidents.
Was that assurance by the Chief Minister just like the rest, one never to be honoured? The Chief Minister would be well advised that instead of making meaningless promises every day, to please restrict himself to one assurance a month that he can comply with. Goa desperately needs proper traffic management as the now regular traffic jams in the cities across the State is a matter of concern and nerve wrecking. Will the situation improve only when the Governor, Chief Minister and his Ministers find themselves trapped in a traffic jam?
The Goa Police needs to get its act together and ensure free flow of traffic by implementing a proper traffic management plan that works. There has to be a concerted effort to save precious lives by preventing avoidable accidents that are claiming human lives every day.
So that the Goa Police can focus on traffic management, they could even consider outsourcing to the Andhra Police the vexed issue of cleansing Goa of the flourishing narcotic trade. Is it not an irony that our police are feigning ignorance of the drug trade while their counterparts in Andhra have all the minute details of this widespread menace which has been destroying our youth and Goa’s social fabric? 

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Sunday - Dec 4, 2022
May be not for long...I hate to make this prediction but something doesn't seem right...
As I kept saying, BJP in Goa is alive only because of Modi. He's the king cobra's head, smash the head and BJP in Goa will fall within one month. With the likes of Babush and Rane tearing it apart.

For Modi, Gujurat and UP are like Mecca and Medina. One gives him unlimited money and the second , huge headstart with 80 Lok Sabha seats. Anyone of them falls, he will be in hot water. Despite all the bravado and talk of 90% seats, BJP has been slowly losing seats in Gujurat. From a peak of 135 to just 99 in 2017. Also, despite talks of Congress mukt bharat, Congress in Gujurat has a solid vote bank of 40% and is a solid player. Unlike UP where its reduced to a joker with 2%

So I morning analysing the first round of voting in the recent Gujurat assembly elections , some real surprises here
1) city or urban areas, which usually are 90% bjp showed a low voter turnout
2) villages and rural areas, which are traditionally Congress strongholds had high turnouts, some even reaching 80%
Could this be a start of something? Several factors, which no one is talking are raging unemployment, severe price rises and covid of 2021, where lakhs died or were in hospital, with no state help. Are the city folks fed up?
Another factor is AAP, led by RSS B team, Arvind Kujliwala kutta. He has traditionally tried to take over the Congress vote bank, such as in Delhi, Punjab and Salcete. Although this 420 pormula may not work all the time, for example in Santa Cruz, BJP B team of AAP and RG rostad ghatti split votes and led to Congress goonda Rudolf winning. So could AAP take city and upper caste votes away from BJP? Specially in areas like Surat, where it led high profile campaigns? Time will tell

You can tell that the BJP is rattled as it got it's dog, the EC, to bring out a statement to increase voter turnout! Bow bow EC, nice doggie, here have a bone
Are we in for a suprise? Hold your horses, BJP have got billions, including the evms and Govt machinery under control.
So come 8th and watch this space, may be ..just may be a hung Assembly? I cannot make a prediction as this state, just like cricket matches, can be rigged.
Either way, if Modi loses, he loses face and presitige, it will trigger a domino effect and make him lose 2024
If he wins, then he will keep winning and more inflation, more price rise, more unemployment, more hate, riots and rupee will then cross his mother's age. With gas cylinder to touch 2-3,000 rupees. So common man can cook free rice or 5 rupee rice on 1500 rupee cyclinder...ha ha ha ha , best marwari- gujju con420 in the world. Let indians learn the hard way!!
Either way, just chill..NRIs should support Modi. Your dollar and pound will have more power vs rupee. With Indians getting poorer, less demand for real estate and luxuries and things may, just may, revert to 1970s. Where land in Goa was as cheap, as a bangdo.
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