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Nerul Police: Will Track Travel Route To Uncover Death On Bus
Thursday - Dec 1, 2022
Nerul Police: Will Track Travel Route To Uncover Death On Bus
Panjim: Nerul police have detained the driver and the cleaner of a bus belonging to private operator Atmaram Travels, following a death onboard their vehicle. A 22-year-old woman stopped breathing on her way to Mumbai from Goa, and her friend alleged the detainees assaulted him when he asked to go to a hospital. The incident has left the cops scratching their heads. A 22-year-old resident of Malwani in Malad, Tamina worked at a bar in Baga, Goa. On Friday, she was injured while learning to ride a scooter and her mother asked her to come home.
“My daughter studied until Std X standard in Malwani and shifted to Goa 6-7 months ago. On Friday, Tamina called me and told me that she had met with an accident and was in pain. I told her to come home,” said Saroop Jan. Tamina Alem and her friend Sachin Kittu, 24, boarded the bus in Mapusa, Goa, around 10 pm on Saturday. “Tamina wasn’t eating anything and complained of stomach ache. I called her mother and she told me to get her a cup of tea,” Sachin told mid-day.
“Around 8.50 am on Sunday, when the bus stopped at an eatery in Satara, I got down to get tea. When I was back on the bus, I saw bus cleaner Yogesh trying to give CPR to Tamina. She was not breathing. “I asked Yogesh to drive to the nearest hospital; however, he slapped me and dragged me to the driver’s cabin and forced me to sit there. They accused me of harming her and said they will go to a police station now,” Sachin added. “However, we drove for hours and stopped at a police chowki in Nerul, Navi Mumbai. Tamina and I were taken to the NMMC hospital in Vashi where she was declared dead,” he said.
The Nerul police will track the route taken by the 22-year-old woman who died while travelling from Goa to Mumbai in a bus. Cops will check all the major points where the bus had stopped and then go on to Goa to investigate the matter. The inspector (crime) at Nerul police station is handling the case. Tamina Alem, a Malwani resident, died on the bus on Sunday. She was allegedly coming to Mumbai from Goa with her friend after she sustained injuries while learning to ride a scooter on Friday. Forensic experts have concluded that the primary reason behind her death is a head injury. Her viscera has been reserved for histopathological analysis.
Senior Inspector Tanaji Bhagat of Nerul police station said, “The primary cause of the death mentioned by the forensic expert is head injury. It is hard to believe that her friend was unaware of the injury. Her mother has told us that she had spoken to Alem the morning of the day she died.” “We need to conduct a more detailed investigation. We have to reverse track the bus route and check CCTV camera footage wherever the bus stopped. If necessary, a team can be sent to Goa for further investigation,” said Bhagat.
The bus driver and the cleaner, in their statement, said the woman was fine when she boarded the bus, but fell unconscious when the bus stopped at Kohinoor Hotel in Satara. Alem’s friend Sachin Kittu, who had gone down to get tea, had asked the driver to take the bus to a hospital, but he refused. They allegedly also had a fight, but the bus driver and cleaner denied beating up Kittu, said a police source.
Nerul cops have registered an accidental death report. “There are a few unusual things. The friend says the girl was non-responsive on Sunday morning and yet, the bus driver and cleaner did not think of taking her to the hospital. Also, nobody on the bus objected to this. It’s simply strange,” said a cop privy to the investigation. “Also, if the girl was hurt and taken to a doctor in Goa [as per the mother and the friend], then what sort of treatment was provided to her,” the cop wondered. According to her post-mortem on Monday, the primary reason for her death was a head injury, a source said.
Senior Inspector Tanaji Bhagat of Nerul police station said, “The incident has too many loose ends. The post-mortem note and the statements of everyone involved are necessary to find out what actually happened.” They have recorded the statements of Sachin and Saroop.

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