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Soccer World Cup Controversy, Oneloive Armband – By A. Veronica Fernandes
Monday - Nov 28, 2022
Soccer World Cup Controversy, Oneloive Armband – By A. Veronica Fernandes
Regarding the current topic of World Cup controversy on the ban on players wearing “One Love Armbands” to indicate their hatred if not, then their dislike, of the policy of the Qatar to treat the workers in the construction of Stadia and other infrastructure to host the current soccer extravaganza, I support all who are exposing the truth regarding the maltreatment of expatriate workers. Those who are treating the foreign workers without respecting their human attributes they commit crimes against their religions. 
What the footballers of a few countries are eager to indicate is their anger in a civilized manner the uncivilised cruel deeds of the Muslim Arab country Qatar for treating the workers like slaves against Qatar’s Islamic religion, to erect the necessary Stadia. The FIFA that is headed by Infantino is in the hands of the weak person because Infantino is not the majestic Joao Havelange who was known during his reign of FIFA never to fear the purchasing power of Petro Dollar.
I am small man with big ideals, in my individual capacity, I support those footballers in this current World Cup who are trying to campaign in favour of One Love Armband because the Arabs have bad habit to treat Badly the expatriate workers not only in Qatar but in all the Gulf countries where due to easy accumulation of excessive Petro Dollars they commit all the treacherous acts that even hurt the Islamic doctrine. And it must be borne in mind that Saddam Hussein during his interview with CNN Turner after the invasion of Kuwait confessed that by acting recklessly “these Gulf Arabs lowering not only the image of Arabs but even of Islam”.
If my memory is right, it was in 1982 World Cup Brazil’s skipper Dr. Socrates as a follower of French writer of Democracy and Freedom, Voltaire, representing his mighty team Brazil, played with the Head Band inscribing on it with big capital letters as “I love Democracy – I love Freedom” because Socrates the chain smoker captain of Brazil was campaigning for democracy in his country.

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Monday - Nov 28, 2022
Bab AR, when one's mind is filled with hate, one cannot tell the difference between an arm and farm.

Why are the GCC countries prosperous, stable and peaceful? As the West, mainly through their MNCs, have got all the GCC rulers and Sheiks by their balls, with complete control of their oil wealth. So here how it works. The miskin or wretch in Arabic, who are the SE asians, such as bangla, Pakistani and indians do all the shit jobs. The Rafiq or equal or friend who are the whites or europeans are the managers or lead the projects. While the local Arabs alternate between scratching their balls and their bonks, when not praying or procreating. Simple rule. The wealth generated by the GCC is invested into European and American funds, stock market or real estate. Google Qatari Investment fund QIA and London.

If any of these Arab oil producing leaders dare go against Amrika or UK, then like Sadaam they will either be hanged by their balls or like Libya's Gadaffi will be murdered after getting a knife in their bonk. Currently the Saudi ruler is making some noises but even he won't dare change the balance of power and recently opened up the oil taps, to lower prices. When told by Biden, who he openly despises.

So going back back upto 500 years, the West has wreaked havoc in this region. Through colonisation, crusades, setting up and supporting Israel, selling arms to both Arabs and Jews!! Google the use of RAF and che ical weapons against Iraqis in the 1920 revolt. Well before even Saddam was in the liquid state.

These same jokers now lecture the Arabs about human rights, gy rights or humanity!! While actively benefitting from the wealth generated from miskin workers, toiling under the hot sun. If they really cared for these miskin workers, why not give them visas to europe or amrika!!
Monday - Nov 28, 2022
IDK from where this author got his info, but the armband isn't about opposing Qatari ill-treatment of foreign workers. It's about supporting homosexuality.
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