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Mr CM, Goa Is Not A Tourist ‘Parasite’ - By Aires Rodrigues
Monday - Nov 28, 2022
Mr CM, Goa Is Not A Tourist ‘Parasite’ - By Aires Rodrigues
The major handicap that Chief Minister Pramod Sawant faces is his inability to communicate in English which for a State like Goa is a great predicament. Recently addressing a conference, he is quoted as having said that Goa was a tourist ‘parasite’ instead of saying ‘paradise’. What a gaffe which put us all to shame. Pramod Sawant should have on a priority taken a crash course in English so that he could attain the much-needed skills of the language in which our State is governed as well as the international medium of communication.
Pramod Sawant is better known as Property Sawant on account of the huge property empire he swiftly amassed. But had he cared to enrich himself with the much-needed English skills he would have attained what matters the most. Goa’s first Chief Minister Dayanand Bandodkar may have also not been conversant in English but in those days perhaps it did not matter as Goa was just a Union Territory and Dayanand Bandodkar was anyway a charismatic Chief Minister and a leader of the masses, alike, of whom Goa has not seen another one.
For now, Pramod Sawant would be well advised to restrict his sermonizing to Konkani and Marathi to save the State and its people from such needless embarrassment.

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Thursday - Dec 8, 2022
Thank you Bab Francisco

check this video of Modi spelling streant

sorry to say but looks like Modi will rule for the next 10 years. Not because he has done any good work but like Rapist MondterRAT he has found the magic pormula to win elections
429 Pormula = he has selectively rigged evms + put up several ‘opposition’ parties to split votes

Like AAP Kujliwalla kutta and that mamu beard Owasis. In Goa we even have our local gaunti party - Rostad Ghatti led by Goan Ghatti Parab originally from Dodamarg. I heard many Goans from Swindon even collected money to sponsor RG
Turkeys voting for Xmas-bang head here
Thursday - Dec 8, 2022
This reminds me of Modi's SPELLING of Donald Trump as DO LUND TRUMP. Jai Hind.
Monday - Nov 28, 2022
He, like his fellow bahujan ghattis, are PARASITES on us Goans. We generated wealth, leaving our families and going to distant lands. Slogging on the seas(boaticher) Sand (gulf) and snow (west). For these besterdoes bahujan to eat that wealth, by doing no work. Either taking up Govt jobs or becoming the government. So, parasite is a mistake, he spoke the truth
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