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This Is Not Mythical, But A Historically Logical Fact – By Rosario F. Rodrigues
Monday - Nov 28, 2022
This Is Not Mythical, But A Historically Logical Fact – By Rosario F. Rodrigues
You believe or not it is PURELY CLEAR that Goan Hindus are fully responsible for the establishment of Catholic Church in Goa. The mass conversion happened in Goa is not because of Catholic Priests or Catholic Church, it was because of the rich Hindus the Bammons of the time who invited Portuguese to kill Muslims and did not bother to educate Hindus with their religious scriptures (this was the main reason that I am a Catholic today).
The innocent Hindus found the 'Word of God' through Catholic Priests as the ‘living God’, it was life-changing experiences for them, so they agree to become Catholics; similarly, it is happening all over the country: IS NOT THE HINDUS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ESTABLISMENT OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN GOA? Though, the Christianity was born in India at the same time it was born in Europe.
The Andh Bhakts should apply their mind and stop hatred towards the community which was created by their own ancestors. We are writing and posting this kind of historical facts not to hurt Hindus, but to question about the DEEP SILENCE of the GOOD HINDUS of Goa on recently flared up communal hatred in Goa. 

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Wednesday - Nov 30, 2022
Inacio bab, all the Muslims and almost all the Hindus ("Good" or otherwise) in Agaçaim are ghanttis who turned up in your village from only last century onwards. You can check the Census records, Salcete was over 95% Catholic by the early 1700s. I was speaking to an elderly Goan who grew up in Cortalim, the first Hindus he saw settling in the village were vulgar Marathi hordes (swearing, spitting, urinating and defecating in public streets) after 1961. Their settlement was funded by the rich Bamonn backers of Bandodkar as part of their long-term MGP votebank strategy. Before that, the only Hindu interaction was a trader from Raia who would turn up in the village every few months to sell bangles and other trinkets. The MGP government gave these Marathi migrants free housing and government jobs. A new Marathi-medium government shaala was created, which was staffed entirely by the ghanttis and attended only by the children of the ghanttis. Local Goan children of that generation went to the local parochial school for primary education and then to Catholic boarding schools in other parts of Goa. These Marathis in Cortalim were soon followed by Lamanis (yet another MGP votebank), who would enter backyards of Goan homes and rob whatever they saw lying around. Goans could previously leave their house unlocked while going about their daily lives, not anymore.

Note that all these nasty ghanttis voted in favour of Merger during Opinion Poll, they were MGP votebank and now vote BJP. The Congress tried to counter this by importing their own votebank of non-Hindu ghanttis. But ghanttis remain ghanttis no matter what their religion, I'm convinced that their dysfunctional nature is due to their genetics (median IQ is 85 like African-Americans). The only solution for Goan Catholics at this point is to socially "Separate and Regenerate". Do business with ghanttis (including your POGO poseurs in Salcete) if you have no choice, but that's it. Also try to recover Panchayat offices from ghanttis, and use any excuse to scrap their voter IDs because votebank is the main reason ghanttis have any say in Goa. If ghanttis open their mouths against Goan Catholics, then please remind these "Dharmic" cretins that they are ignoring their own religious beliefs by remaining in Goa because their religious duty is to avoid "caste pollution" from "mlecchas" like us:

I also disagree with the author that lack of religious education from Bamonns led to the conversions of non-Bamonns to Christianity. Religious education about Hinduism would not have improved the lives of non-Bamonns, Hinduism in practice has always been clear about the strictly birth-based hierarchical nature of its economy and society. Screwing over "lesser" people without legal punishment against the "superior" culprits has always been allowed, read about Eklavya in the Mahabharata. Hinduism prevailed in Goa before the Portuguese arrived because the pre-Portuguese Islamic society was even worse (it was in the economic interest of the Bahamanis and Adil Shahis to maintain the native Hindu jizya tax base). The Bamonns who invited the Portuguese were ignorant about Western Christianity and the concept of "noblesse oblige", they didn't foresee the total Christianization of the natives in the Velhas Conquistas by the end of that century. The only reason Bamonns were able to infiltrate and subvert the Church hierarchy in Goa was that the Portuguese government ignored the harsh truth written about Bamonns in the 1540s, and instead believed Bamonn self-proclaimed claims about being "intellectual elites":
Aniceto Pinto
Tuesday - Nov 29, 2022
Bernardo Santana Fernandes right even some don't know the word opinion poll and of the atrocious support and voting by settlers in goa in support of merger
Bernardo Santana Fernandes
Tuesday - Nov 29, 2022
The present generation without knowing history or from their elders, just post or comments, just because of their enmity and try to divide the good old Niz Goenkars who lived with their cultures, Goenkarponn
Julius Almeida
Tuesday - Nov 29, 2022
Now they will go back again to do study now no body say anything,or else some of them only tease us portuguese dukor and all
Fatiano D'Souza
Tuesday - Nov 29, 2022
These Bamons treated the lower strata as slaves and were ill treated. They were suppressed and doing all menial and dirty jobs and int end insults. Only way to escape from these scoundrels is conversion. Conversion too did not give all benefits but also treated as moradores in the church and no place in high offices grabbed by both Bamons and converted Bamons. Seminaries and higher education was denied after conversion. The lower strata thought grass is greener on the other side of River but was a mirage except entry in the church but Seminaries were for Converted Bamons. Only when there were shortage of priests Seminaries opened to All including Kunbis and Gaudes blessing in disguise to break the Bamon hegemony in church matters.
John Pereira
Tuesday - Nov 29, 2022
Rosario F. Rodrigues because he is not getting his fodder from the WhatsApp University as the university is quite as the Arab world has reacted
Blandino Viegas
Tuesday - Nov 29, 2022
Rosario F. Rodrigues Clarifications will ignite fire. Christians must keep quite. You are risking Christianity. Let the Church clarify in their sermons. Which they are doing. Christianity teaches you that there is only One God. Write on The Almighty Father. There are Strange Gods on earth.
Inacio Dias Do Rosario
Tuesday - Nov 29, 2022
Rosario bab, you are talking about old history which is 500 years old. We need to talk about the present situation and find out the solution to handle it and not to create enmity between religions. In our own village of Agassaim there are about 300 plus muslims, 3000 plus Hindus and rest Christian. Was there any communal fight in our village? Just forget the past which is history, let's talk about the present.
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