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November 25, Why Not Say Happy Goa Liberation Day? – By Rosario F. Rodrigues
Sunday - Nov 27, 2022
November 25, Why Not Say Happy Goa Liberation Day? – By Rosario F. Rodrigues
Today November 25, completes 512 years of crucial and of great magnitude LIBERATION OF GOA from the Muslim Empire Adil Shahi. Present Hindus of Goa should celebrate this day in a big way that their ancestors used to celebrate. Rescuing Hindus in Goa is not a mythical story; it is a well-documented account of history; the documents are very clearly preserved for centuries in the archives in Portugal and are now available for the public, thank God for the emerging technology. (At the end of this write-up there are eleven links to my other related articles click to read)  
The most effective resistance to Portuguese Rule in Goa was pioneered by Dr. Tristão de Bragança Cunha, which led to the liberation of Goa on December 19, 1961. While 451 years before Goa’s annexation into India, Malpe, and Timoja were determined in the same way as Dr. T. B. Cunha, they initiated resistance to the Adil Shahi Empire because Hindus were on the VERGE of EXTINCT through the same Muslim Empire. No Goan local leaders at that time could not give the fight against Muslim Rulers. Therefore, Malpe and Timoza approached the Portuguese explorers and invited them to conquer Goa, thus Goa was FIRST LIBERATED from the Turkmen Rule on November 25, 1510, by a fierce and skilled military Commander Afonso de Albuquerque. 
Portuguese Military Commander Afonso de Albuquerque SAVED Hindus, SAVED Hinduism and SAVED the business INTEREST of Hindus in Goa. The fact is that Portuguese Military Commander Afonso de Albuquerque allowed Hindus to re-establish their interest. REST IS A HISTORY of 451 years of Rule that no one can change, and it should not be used to hate any community.
If it was not for Portuguese Commander Afonso de Albuquerque to invade Goa, Hindus and their businesses would have been wiped out till Kanyakumari. Adv. Radharao Gracias ended his article on Heraldo dated October 18, 2022, by praising Timoja and Malpe for inviting Portuguese to invade Goa by saying; if not for them, perhaps there would be no bikini-clad tourists on our beaches, the Burka would be the norm!   
Since 1510, the Powerful Rule by the Portuguese in Goa PROVIDED PEACE and SECURITY in the region from the wars; subsequently, Goa never ever had any military invasion or war until the Government of India took over in 1961. While outside Goa, there were continuous wars within the Regions, before the Portuguese took over Goa, a number of Kingdoms Ruled Goa by defeating Kingdoms to Sultanates to Empires. The only Empire that disturbed the Colonial Administration in Goa is Maratha Empire, though Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had to enter into a treaty with the Portuguese in 1667. 
Portuguese developed Goa and lovingly called ‘Goa Dourada’ (Golden Goa) and was known all over the World as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’. Portuguese carved Goa into the ‘Rome of the East’, and life in Goa was encouraged into a great religious harmony; Portuguese inheritable factor of religious harmony in Goa was the greatest gift of values, and a living practice that all Goans inherited deeply and maintains in their hearts is distinctive evidence that exists till date. While Christianity was born in India at the same time it was born in Europe. Though, the very first day of the entry ‘November 25’, was celebrated as VICTORIOUS ENTRY DAY in the city of Goa which Afonso de Albuquerque commemorated in the honour of St. Catherine of Alexandria. This historic celebration was the only Government grand and gala celebration for years and was attended by rich and prominent Hindus to glorify their liberation at Se Cathedral which still continues in an ordinary way as a feast of the Saint celebrated by the Archbishop of Goa.
AZAD MAIDAN at Panjim formerly known as ‘Largo Afonso de Albuquerque’ where a domed monument was erected by the Portuguese and in 1843, a statue of the First Duke of Goa Portuguese General Afonso de Albuquerque was installed inside the domed structure. Interestingly to note, without knowing the historical fact the statue of Afonso de Albuquerque was removed and transferred to the state museum in Old Goa, and replaced with a memorial of brass containing the remains of Dr. Tristão de Bragança Cunha as an honour to freedom fighters who enjoyed, and their families are delighted in the destruction of Goa, now the descendants of Malpe and Timoja selling the land of Goa, while protests are continuously held to save Goa.
Presently, the crimes recorded in Goa for the past 62 years are the highest in number and WORST, NASTIEST, MOST HORRIBLE, RUINOUS, and CRUELEST, then the obsessively termed crimes during the Portuguese Rule of 451 years. Presently, no one can stop the destruction of Goa; it is worse than the historical wars of Goa; a number of NGOs and politicians are shouting saying SAVE GOA, which is simply fake and anti-national. Liberated Goa is now the State of India; the Slogan ‘SAVE GOA’ is not an insult to the Government of India and is not an anti-national slogan? Is it not a mockery of liberation? From whom Goa still needs to be SAVED? In fact, it is simply understanding: Timoja and Malpe approached Portuguese officials; Goa was liberated from the Adil Shahi. Dr. Tristão de Bragança Cunha approached Indian officials; Goa was liberated from the Salazar Shahi. Dr. Jack Sequeira approached Niz Goenkars; Goa was saved from the Maharashtrawadi. Goa needs only laws and implementation to deal with corruption. I will say HAPPY GOA’S HISTORIC LIBERATION DAY NOVEMBER 25. ‘VIVA PORTUGAL’; ‘VIVA GOA’.
NB: The DEEP SILENCE of the GOOD HINDUS of Goa on recently flared up communal hatred in Goa only encouraged us to retaliate in this way with deep research to find the truth, which some people may not like. Comments are welcome, please do not upload information from the WhatsApp universities affiliated with Nagpur. 

Comments (11)
Miguel Soares
Sunday - Nov 27, 2022
Ecdom borem boroup amche itiasiche - valor tuca Rosario
Francisco Fernandes
Sunday - Nov 27, 2022
History cannot be changed - a well-researched article. Kudos.
Jeorge Fernandes
Sunday - Nov 27, 2022
Very well written Rosario F. Rodrigues. I’m happy because people like Radharao and others continue to expose such hypocrite passing wrong history to new generation.
Elizabeth Brito
Sunday - Nov 27, 2022
Congratulations Rosario F. Rodrigues. Awesome article. Brainwashed people will never accept this, in this way.
Glocerio Fernandes
Sunday - Nov 27, 2022
Rostad gang is visiting Maharashtra May to merge with SS Shinde faction.
Braz Ribeiro
Sunday - Nov 27, 2022
Salute you, with all the knowledge and historical facts very well written and eye opener to the recent generations, wow our God is the living God he will bless you and protect you
Filandro Fernandes
Sunday - Nov 27, 2022
Thank you so much Mr. Rosario F. Rodrigues for bringing to light such a historically logical fact. Present and the future generations must know the truth which some vested interests try to hide. God bless you for good work you are doing. Viva Portugal, viva Goa.
Salazar Dom Antonio
Sunday - Nov 27, 2022
Rostad gang aka RG core group munoj, fake revolutionaries hate Portugal. But his andh bhakts don’t understand that. In every video he has hate filled speeches against Portuguese and Portugal. After liberation 40 thieves took over.
Jeorge Fernandes
Sunday - Nov 27, 2022
@Blandino Viegas they should go to Portugal to count Hindu temple build there
Blandino Viegas
Sunday - Nov 27, 2022
Well written article. Will they stop going to Portugal to find if Hindu temples demolished?
Inacio Dias Do Rosario
Sunday - Nov 27, 2022
Well written article. Dr. Jack Sequeira made a blunder, he should have challenged the opinion poll's constitutional validity in the supreme court. Thank God that the elite Hindus supported the anti-merger. And one of them was our own business tycoon Mr. Salgaocar.
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