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Court Seeks Report From Anjuna Police Over Assault On Two Brothers At A Vagator Nightclub
Friday - Nov 25, 2022
Court Seeks Report From Anjuna Police Over Assault On Two Brothers At A Vagator Nightclub
Vagator: Mapusa Judicial Magistrate First Class (JMFC) Ashwini Khandolkar has sought a report from the Anjuna Police Station over the grievous assault on two brothers by around ten staff of the night club ‘Raeeth’ in Vagator on the night of 12th November. The Anjuna Police Inspector has been directed to remain present in Court on 30th November.
One of the grievously injured brothers represented by Adv. Aires Rodrigues has moved the Mapusa Court seeking directions to the Anjuna Police to properly and promptly investigate all persons against whom suspicion is raised and any other material that comes to their notice in the course of the investigation. It has been further sought that the Court monitor the investigation as the accused are very influential and that the Anjuna Police be directed to submit to the Court a weekly status report on the investigation of the case.  
In the petition before the JMFC it has been submitted that though a oral complaint was made to the police on 13th November 2022 around 12 noon followed by a written complaint the same day at 5 pm against the staff of the night club Raeeth for that grievous assault, an F.I.R came to be registered only on 14th November 2022 at 19.47 hrs against ten unknown persons under Sections 147,323,325,143 read with 149 of IPC. It has been further submitted that one of the brothers suffered severe injuries on his face and could have even lost one of his eyes while the Anjuna Police have been dragging their feet in the investigation with the influential accused not yet apprehended.

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Friday - Nov 25, 2022
Night of 12th Nov, that's a Saturday? Were these boys gone there to pray/midnight mass or to distribute food to the poor? Or gone there for grandmaasti, to get drunk and hopefully, pull some chedi or pakli and score or take some boom shankar ?

Don't go to such 'night' clubs at night, especially at these beaches. If you do, then those who live by the sword, die by the sword, simples..don't complain once things go tits up. Also, don't make this into a Goan and non-goan issue.

Most of the Goan Niz Goenkars who I knew were in the tourism dhondo or such shacks, nightclubs business, taxis, renting out bikes or selling boom, were mai zon... plain. Mostly anti-socials wanna-be goondas, drunks and lampios. Who would spend most of their time playing cards or matka, drinking, fighting or beating up such bros who crossed the line. All fuelled by easy money, with access to chics, drug.s and booze.

One of the very few gentlemen I met in this trade was David from Titos. Rest, nearly 90% were mothafkas, Goan or Non Goan didn't make a difference

So forget this case, Aires will now milk them even further, before, like Saul, scales fall from their eyes and they open them...literally
Rupesh Pednekar
Friday - Nov 25, 2022
Goa does not need these rogues attacking our Goans. These are goondas who must be punished and no licence must be given for such activities. Where is the rubbish CM of Goa sleeping? Can you stop this nonsense of the bouncers and outlaw, ban them and their activities?
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