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RGP MLA Demands (Fake) Freedom Fighters Children To Be Given Jobs
Tuesday - Nov 22, 2022
Panjim: Demanding justice to the freedom fighters’ children (95 percent of whom are fakes caught for petty thefts etc), Revolutionary Goans Party’s St. Andre MLA Viresh Borkar said that the job assurances given to them by the government must be fulfilled. The children of freedom fighters have threatened to go on a hunger strike if their demands are not fulfilled by December 19.
Addressing a press conference, Borkar said that a grave injustice has been done to freedom fighters’ children. “People have seen that the freedom fighters sacrificed their life for Goa’s liberation, but even 60 years after the liberation, they have not got their rights,” he said. The children of freedom fighters have also demanded a one-time settlement for those who have completed 55 years and are ineligible for government jobs now.
Borkar said that “several governments came and went, yet the children are awaiting justice. Every government has just given them fake assurances, and their fight for justice continues. Chief Minister Pramod Sawant had promised them job security and that at least one person in the family would get a government job, but it still needs to be fulfilled. Many of the freedom fighters’ children have crossed 50 years of age now. How will they get jobs?” he asked.

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