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Sanguem MLA Expresses Confidence Of Resuming Mining In Goa Soon
Tuesday - Nov 22, 2022
Panjim: Sanguem MLA Subhash Phal Desai, who is also the Minister for Social Welfare, has expressed confidence that the mining activities will resume soon in Goa after the Centre’s decision to roll-back export duty on low grade iron ore. He complimented the Chief Minister Pramod Sawant for ensuring that the Centre government withdraws 15% export duty levied on low grade iron ore.
“This will help the resumption of mining activities in Goa immediately,” he said. Phal Desai also said that when he represented Goa at the national conference of mines ministers, he raised all these issues pertaining to the mining industry of the state. He further said that the state government will reduce green tax levied on mining trucks and also try to give relief on other taxes applicable to them.
“Since mining trucks were off-road for the last 8-10 years due to closure of mining activities, it is not possible for truck owners to pay these taxes including Rs 18,000 green tax. So I have already held discussion with the Chief Minister with the delegation of South Goa Truck Owners Association in this regard,” he said.

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