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Appeal Filed Against Excise Commissioner’s Order On Silly Souls Café & Bar
Tuesday - Nov 22, 2022
Appeal Filed Against Excise Commissioner’s Order On Silly Souls Café & Bar
Panjim: Adv. Aires Rodrigues has today filed an appeal before the Goa Chief Secretary against the October 20th order passed by Excise Commissioner Narayan Gad in the case pertaining to the controversial ‘Silly Souls Café and Bar’ in Assagão allegedly run by the family of Union Minister for Women and Child Development Smriti Irani. In terms of Section 40 of the Goa Excise Act an appeal against the Excise Commissioner’s order lies before the Chief Secretary. A challenge to the Chief Secretary’s order is before the High Court.
The Excise Commissioner in his order on October 10th had allowed the Excise Licence of Silly Souls Café & Bar which was renewed in a dead man’s name Anthony D’Gama to be transferred to his widow. Adv. Rodrigues in his appeal today before the Chief Secretary has challenged the Excise Commissioner’s order on 33 grounds to the effect that the licence which was obtained illegally and by fraud could not have been transferred in the name of Anthony Dgama’s widow. 
In his complaint filed before the Excise Commissioner on 20th July this year, Adv. Aires Rodrigues had pointed out the illegal manner in which the Excise licence was issued in January 2021 in the name of Anthony D’Gama and later renewed in his name in June 2022, a year after his demise. 
Adv. Rodrigues had submitted documents to the effect that the premises where Silly Souls Café & Bar is located was leased to Eightall Food and Beverages by Anthony Dgama with effect from 1st January 2021 for a period of 10 years at a monthly rent of Rs 50,000. Adv. Rodrigues had also drawn the attention of the Excise Commissioner that on 05th January 2021 when Anthony Dgama applied for the Excise Licence the premises was already leased out to Eightall Food and Beverages which is operating in partnership with Ugraya Mercantile Pvt Limited of which Zubin Irani the husband of Smriti Irani is a director.
Documents were also submitted by Adv. Rodrigues that the GST No 30AAIFE7039H1ZM used by Silly Souls Café & Bar was also in the name of Eightall Food and Beverages as well the Food & Drugs Licence too.   

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Tuesday - Nov 22, 2022
Yes Mel bab, we'll do it, first let me work on the website recovery, will take sometime then will remind you about this. We shall certainly create the section as you said in your comment. Let us piss them off more and more. Just give some idea how we are going to go about it,
Tuesday - Nov 22, 2022
Well done bab Editor, to recover from
hacking by bjp/ rss IT cell
Actually, the culprit will be one of the subscribers
If u go into details, trial and error, u can weed him out
usually a loser 2 rupees per post BJP IT cell unemployed wanker and loser

Why not piss them further
Start a section which will show who or which is the best party/ candidate to defeat BJP in each Lok Sabha constituency in swing constituencies
For eg South Goa - Congress
North Goa- Ignore as BJP will win
So all resources concentrate on South
In such a manner, look at each Lok Sabha seat where the winning margins are less that 10-20% or have changed hands in last 10-20 years- These are called marginal or swing seats
Find out who’s the strongest non bjp candidate in each such seat and promote him. To avoid splitting votes
That should really
piss bjp IT cell
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