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Indian Bihari Murders A Goan Youth AT Soa Jose De Areal
Tuesday - Nov 22, 2022
Margão: The recent murder of a 22-year-old youth by a native from Bihar at Sao Jose De Areal has sent villagers into a tizzy over the influx of migrants even as they are clamouring for a beef-up in police patrolling. Villagers have once again raised security concerns over presence of large number of migrants. The village plays host to the Margão Industrial Estate besides scores of illegal scrapyards. Speaking to this daily, villagers pointed out that the village remains vulnerable due to high influx of migrants and as statistics show that recent criminal cases across the state mostly involved migrants.
Villagers said that a large number of migrants stay in rented premises in the area and in neighbouring villages and hence the village always remains vulnerable. They pointed out that the recent murder case is an eye-opener for the villagers to stay vigilant as such incidents bring a bad name to the village adding, “We hope the police will increase the frequency of patrolling especially at night to keep anti-social elements at bay.”
Sarpanch Joyce Dias said the police have done a commendable job to crack the murder case within hours however there is always a concern with the number of migrants staying in the village. She also urged villagers to get the tenant police verification done for those staying on rent. Zilla panchayat member Mitchell Moreno also touched upon the topic and urged the police to increase police patrolling for the safety of the villagers especially the women.

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