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Elon Musk, A Capitalist Of Good Will - by Stephen Dias, Dona Paula

Posted on 8th Feb 2019

Tesla's owner Elon Musk has to be complimented as a young, dynamic capitalist man of genuine goodwill for big-hearted move to make all of Tesla's patents public in his quest to fight climate change. No doubt that Musk will be regarded as a pioneer in electric vehicles business in the world and that any company who wishes to partake of his largesse should sign memorandums of understanding with Tesla so as to popularize the use of electric vehicles to curb greenhouse gas emissions due to vehicular pollution and abide by Tesla's terms and conditions.

Tesla's entry into the Chinese market will boost Elon Musk's initiative in curbing global warming. India which has a big market for vehicles should follow suit by bringing Tesla's state-of-the-art electric vehicles technology to India and thus begin a concerted campaign to rid our major metropolises from the scourge of intense vehicular pollution due to the use of petrol and diesel. India stands to gain in large measure by emulating Tesla as only 10% of Indians own vehicles  at present and the introduction of electric vehicles will go a long way to eliminate emissions of greenhouse gases at the earliest possible. Once again, hearty best wishes to Elon Musk for his exemplary attitude towards fighting climate change.

His global initiative of manufacturing 100 millions electric vehicles a year  is a giant leap forward for mankind.

 Long live Elon Mask and Tesla!