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Ribandar Corporator Extracts His Pound Of Flesh – by Aires Rodrigues

Posted on 7th Feb 2019

In December last year just before Christmas our Ribandar Municipal Corporator Rupesh Harlankar one early morning came to my office to inform me that he and his wife, also a Corporator out of sheer disgust with Manohar Parrikar and Sidharth Kunkalienkar had resigned from the BJP as his “WORK” was not being done.

In what was expected, the rags to riches Rupesh Harlankar has now once again embraced the very same BJP as a sinking and desperate Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has now caved in to the demand that a the mega contract be awarded to a accomplice of Corporator Rupesh Harlankar. A very shameful and pathetic state of affairs. My only request to the Municipal Corporator Rupesh Harlankar who as a Corporator for just a few years has minted galore,  that he should henceforth desist from building for his clients any more illegal bungalows at least in Ribandar.

Rupesh Harlankar, please, make sure that at least from now on you will strictly observe and adhere to the prevalent laws and rules in every construction and contract you dare undertake.