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CCP Falsely Claimed That Both Co-Opted Councillors Were Experts
Friday - Jul 2, 2021
Panjim: The Corporation of the City of Panjim (CCP) while proposing to nominate Kabir Makhija and Kishore Sastry as co-opted Councillors had falsely stated that they were experts in the field of Engineering and Urban Administration respectively. This has been revealed in the information obtained by Adv. Aires Rodrigues from the CCP under the Right to Information Act. 
As per the information furnished to Adv. Rodrigues, the Mayor Rohit Monserrate on 7th April moved a note to the Commissioner proposing the names of Kabir Makhija as expert in Engineering and Kishore Sastry as an expert in Urban Administration for nomination as Councillors.
Immediately on 9th April the then CCP Commissioner Sanjit Rodrigues wrote to the Director of Urban Development proposing the names of the two for being co-opted as Councillors without verifying the expertise of the two proposed to be nominated. Interestingly the bio-data submitted by Kabir Makhija and Kishore Sastry which is on file and copies of which have been furnished to Adv. Rodrigues does not make any mention of having any expertise in Engineering and Municipal Administration.
Section 9 (b) of the CCP Act makes a provision to nominate up to five Councillors persons having special knowledge or experience in municipal administration, engineering, architecture, archaeology, heritage etc. Adv. Aires Rodrigues has alleged that the appointment of Kabir Makhija and Kishore Sastry as co-opted Councillors was in total breach and violation of the CCP Act as both do not meet the requirement to be nominated as Councillors not having the necessary special knowledge or experience in the required fields.
Stating that this provision was incorporated in the Act so that the CCP could get the proficient advice and guidance of experts in the designated fields, Adv. Rodrigues has condemned the misuse of the provision to politically rehabilitate former Councillors. Adv. Rodrigues has also stated that the intent of the law to create these posts of nominated councillors was to have persons with vast experience in the fields specified in the Act so that they could through their long experience and enhanced knowledge contribute their ideas at meetings and deliberations of the Corporation.

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