Monday, August 21, 2017
Two Notorious Supari Killers Arrested In Goa By Crime Branch
Saturday - Aug 12, 2017
Two Notorious Supari Killers Arrested In Goa By Crime Branch
Panjim: In one of the most shocking incidents that took place in Goa, the crime branch of Goa Police arrested two sharp shooters from Anjuna along with the huge amount of arms and ammunition from their possession. The shooters had come down to Goa from UP to kill one of the prominent businessman and hoteliers from Calangute, said the sources.
According to the sources, the well-known hotelier from Calangute, Mr. Gajendra Singh, and his former partner have become the victim a business rivalry. Furthermore, Gajendra’s partner started believing that Gajendra is leaking out his internal information to the police and their enmity crossed all the limits of insanity and to eliminate Gajendra his partner finally gave supari to the criminals to kill him.
Meanwhile, Gajendra smelt a rat and he informed the Crime Branch about the suspicious movement of his partners along with the two unknown people. He told the crime branch that he is suspecting something fishy, and the crime branch police swung into action without wasting any time and arrested two suspects from Anjuna and recovered a huge amount of Arms and ammunition from their possession. But they could not manage to arrest the partner of Gajendra Singh, said the sources.
The entire operation was successfully carried out by the Goa Crime Branch police under the guidance of SP Karthik Kashyap. Police also got the information that there are three more accomplices of the arrested criminals living in the state and them hidingin different parts of Goa.
Meanwhile, the Crime Branch Superintendent of Police Karthik Kashyap told the media that they had received the information from the reliable sources that a group of criminals has come down into the state from U P, Delhi and Haryana for contract killing laced with arms and their target was an hotelier from Calangute.
According to Mr. Kashyap, police arrested two criminals, the main shooter is Sushil who was living in Hotel at Anjuna with the fake identity along with his associate Ashok Sutar “We have seized a huge amount of country made weapons in the possession of the culprits as well as from the other places in Calangute and Anjuna,” said Mr Kashyap adding that there are more player involved into this crime, “We will round them up very soon.”
Mr. Kashyap had revealed some shocking details about the criminals and their intentions. According to him, these guys are hard core criminals and involved into many criminal cases in the other states of India. “The main shooter who is from Hariyana is involved into the severe crimes like murder – INGOANEWS

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John Borges
Thursday - Aug 17, 2017
These two are one from panjim and another one from valpoi who should be kicked in their groins for betraying the true Goan and Goemkarponn on 23rd August 2017.
One rogue or should i say "RANCID PICKLE"should be shown the door to the gutters for being a senile educated IITian revengeful bastard friend of rogues having businesses in Tuem and panjim.

Other one is a AIDS timblo relative who in turn is related to diggu chor kamat who didnt want Luizinho faleiro to become the CM and compromised with the bharat jhaloa party to destroy whatever is left of Goa
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