Monday, August 21, 2017
Every Casino Is An ATM For Manohar Parrikar And The BJP – by Aires Rodrigues
Friday - Aug 11, 2017
Every Casino Is An ATM For Manohar Parrikar And The BJP – by Aires Rodrigues
While as the Leader of the Opposition Manohar Parrikar had branded Casinos as a “social evil” and had called them "dens of vice". While leading that agitation against Casinos, Manohar Parrikar had vowed to make sure that all Casinos were thrown out of Goa if the BJP came to power. But in a dramatic U turn in March 2012 after usurping power, the BJP went all out to promote, shield and increase the number of Casinos in the name of promoting Tourism.
Manohar Parrikar as Chief Minister while branding the revenue from Casinos as “bad” money had declared in the Goa Legislative Assembly that the revenue from Casinos would be kept in a separate account and utilized only on homes for the aged and those suffering from Alzheimer's. On that revenue earned by the government from Casinos, Manohar Parrikar had firmly stated "We don't want to use that money to buy computers for students. We don’t need that money in the budget”. Addressing the Goa Legislative Assembly on 7th August 2012, the then Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had also categorically and confidently stated that he did not require the revenue from Casinos for Goa’s developmental works.
On 10th October 2013 Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had assured the Goa Legislative Assembly that all the Casinos would be removed from the River Mandovi by September 2015, but with the tacit support of Manohar Parrikar the Casinos continue afloat.
Manohar Parrikar and the BJP have fallen in passionate love with the Casino brigade which is now getting the government’s abundant patronage and support. For the dismal number of jobs for Goans created by Casinos, the overall damage that is being inflicted on the State is irreversible. While the BJP is feasting and making merry with the abundant moolah flowing from the Casinos, Goa has sadly become the country’s gambling hub with the allied vices of prostitution and the narcotics trade also flourishing by the day while the Crime rate is on a steep rise.
So, for Goa and Panjim to remain afloat Manohar Parrikar must sink. And this will happen on 23rd of August when Panjim elects the very honest, sincere and ever so outspoken Girish Chodankar as the next MLA.

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Saturday - Aug 12, 2017
Aires has never filed a corruption case against CM parsekar or his arrested brother in law because they are friends. aires never filed a single corruption case against Babush, Churchill family, Lobo and so many others. aires filed cases against remo and remos son but pardoned men who rape german girl and beat him. WTF???? Hit this link below to read how aires after out of court settlement forgave men who raped german girl and hit him.
Mel de goa
Friday - Aug 11, 2017
Been on Niz goenkar for one year plus now
Sorry to say but this forum is meant for losers, with real poor IQ or for a*. Holes like Aires and Miranda
Mosts of the posts look like from people who would struggle to pass SSC
The others from people like Aires and Miranda are ones who are using the rest to chase the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
Yes I would rather have Parrikar as CM rather than some bald a *hole wearing a bangle, stating on TV that its it the fault of the mobile company that he withdrew the threat to kill charge
May be next time Jr Rane will make a threat to rape ur women?
Wud u withdraw , if he pays u 1,25000 rupees or may be u wud want a few more zeros before J r Rane actually withdraws ? Aaah
Its called pimping Mr Rodrigues
Tuh, I spit on ur bald face
Pimp de Goa
Mel de goa
Friday - Aug 11, 2017
In the affidavit, Rodrigues stated that now he enjoys a very cordial relationship with Rane, and hence he has decided to forego the incident of 2007 and move on in life without any bitterness.

How many crores of rupees = one cordial?
Please explain
May be bab aires is pissed off about ATM casinos because he gets no cut?
Dear Rotten teeth Parrikar, can u at least throw the bones, after chewing, to prevent barking from hungry stray dogs?
Yes Brahmins dont like to share, but it is democracy, u should learn by now
Friday - Aug 11, 2017
If at all Mr.Parrikar wins the Panjim election then it will be a disaster to all of us and to Goa as well.
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