Monday, August 21, 2017
Aires Urges Voters To Elect Girish And (Drugs Peddlar) Roy
Thursday - Aug 10, 2017
Panjim: Adv. Aires Rodrigues has today appealed to the people of Goa to support Girish Chodankar in Panjim and Roy Naik in Valpoi so that they are elected at the crucial Goa Assembly by-elections scheduled on August 23.  Adv. Rodrigues has called upon the people to punish Manohar Parrikar and Vishwajit Rane for having very dishonestly usurped power through the backdoor and for now high-handedly having created these unnecessary by-elections in their sole greed to remain in office while burdening the tax payers by around one crore on each of these by-elections.
Expressing confidence that the voters of Panjim which includes Ribandar would create history by defeating the former Defence Minister of India, Adv. Rodrigues has stated that there is a need to send a very clear message to Manohar Parrikar and Vishwajit Rane that the voters can no longer be taken for granted.  Accusing Manohar Parrikar of totally neglecting the Panjim Constituency of which Ribandar is a part, Adv. Rodrigues has challenged Manohar Parrikar to a public debate on all his U turns besides gross acts of omission and commission.
Pointing out that the Panjim constituency was rotting and sinking despite Manohar Parrikar having been its MLA for over two long decades, thrice the Chief Minister and even the Defence Minister of the country,   Adv. Rodrigues has ridiculed Manohar Parrikar for now falsely trying to further fool the people by assuring that all the problems of Panjim would be resolved in a year. Adv. Rodrigues has stated that the very honest, sincere and ever so outspoken Girish Chodankar as the people's candidate will ensure that Panjim finally sees some much needed Acche din by restoring Panjim’s glory and salvaging what remains of Goa.

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Jack De Goan
Thursday - Aug 17, 2017

Why BJP never took action against Congress illegal Mining Scam of Rs.35,000/-Crores? Because both Congress & BJP are husband & wife! Both are one and love each other! They don't want third party to exists. They are comfortable with each other.
Jack De Goan
Thursday - Aug 17, 2017
Who said that Congress & BJP are two different parties?

They are husband & wife. Both fight with each other but they take sides of each other if third party comes in between them. Both knows each other’s secret, but never expose each other in public. BJP & Congress feels secure with each others Governance!

Example: Valpoi Candidate is from Congress and many BJP supporters are from Congress and many Congress MLAs are supporting BJP. GFP/NCP is formed from Congress and now supporting BJP.
Wednesday - Aug 16, 2017
Cmon jack then how did cong emerge as the single largest party last time in goa .... even the most optimistic cong supporter was suprised by the results yea but they screwed it up thanks to diggi...

Anyways its difficult to defeat Parrikar frm Panaji and Rane frm Valpoi!
Jack De Goan
Tuesday - Aug 15, 2017
BJP will win both the Seats if EVM is used for this by-poll election. Goans should demand to use Ballot Paper for all Goa elections. Goans should demand to throw EVM out of Goa. Till EVM is in Goa, BJP will never lose!
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