Monday, August 21, 2017
The Political Circus In Goa – by Nixon Fernandes
Friday - Aug 4, 2017
The Political Circus In Goa – by Nixon Fernandes
August 23rd Goa will witness another namesake by-elections in Goa by wasting the taxpayers money. Panjim and Valpoi constituency will be going for polls but the question arises is it necessary? Politicians in Goa and across India are only for themselves they may belong to any political party but their sole motto is to win by hook or by crook. Vishwajeet Rane who had won on congress ticket by deafening BJP candidate will be contesting again within a span of 5 months and this time on BJP ticket all this for his personal greed to remain in power. It goes to prove beyond doubt that politicians are hungry for power and they shed crocodile tears when they go begging for votes.
These shameless pests will stoop to any low level to criticize their opposition but when they themselves join the same party it suddenly overnight becomes a holy cow just like in the case of Vishwajeet joining BJP. Politicians are known for taking the voters for a ride. While preparing for elections they will seek blessings of each and every God of all the religion and they will make sure that their photos are printed in electronic media just to show their secular face but reality is dark contrast.
Politicians like vishwajeet Rane have already sold their souls they can't stay away from power. The senior Rane categorically mentioned he won't campaign against his son it would be better if the father too steps down and seat at home so some youngsters can infuse some young blood in the Congress in near future.
Parrikar was a failure as Defence Minister at the centre and it's not out of love that Modi sent him back to Goa but coz his party was virtually getting over in Goa and all their corporate friends were feeling the heat be it the Adani's, Ambanis or Gadkari as they all want to rob Goa in the name of destructive development.
Parrikar wants to revive his party from ICU so his game plan is pretty simple take each and everyone who are ready to sell themselves for a few crores. Be it Vishwajeet or Babush or tomorrow maybe some other politician from the opposite camp. The MALUND who was vocal against the nationalization of rivers is now on the forefront to do the same. He will beat his chest saying coconut has been restored back as a tree but what about Nationalization of rivers does he have any answers?
Now MPT and others will claim their rights in Goan rivers. This has happened coz Goans elected a Devil from Fatorda who came in Angel's clothing and now entire Goa will pay a heavy price coz of this. The political circus will not stop here infact it will keep on continuing till Parrikar is satisfied that his govt. will not collapse so just to keep it floating like the casinos he will continue to buy other MLAs and once that is achieved he will kick out the MALUND and others as excess baggage.

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Friday - Aug 11, 2017
Goans should praise Portugal for giving them a decent honest life to live and not the way they are treated like dogs by India. India has condemned Goans as non-Goans by putting her Ghantis and Marathis first. India instead of accepting Goans back as Goans, through some sort of dual arrangement at its disposal, being occupier (illegal), India has abused and insulted the sons of the soil by telling them to instead suck its lollipop called PIO.
Albert Pires
Friday - Aug 11, 2017
Goans celebrate Goan Festivals all over the world but what is the use when they are blind and unware that Goa itself is not ruled by Goans themselves, but by illiterate and ill-educated sons of garecars and mundcars who came to Goa from ex-British Konkan Maharashtra as migrant workers. The Goans are also unaware that now Goa is being ruled by a dictator, who without passing through a ballot box has posed himself as absolute ruler and king of Goa, to run his own government at his will without any question being asked.

All the credit of the Festivals goes to these rogues and thieves who have devastated Goa through loot and plunder.
Thursday - Aug 10, 2017
Hi Joe Bonaparte Faria, brilliant written those Goan idiots who had been for the Goan Festival in London were eating and dancing when Goa and Goans are suffering at the hands of Ghanti leader Parrikar. Those idiots don't care if Goa is gone or if it is Brexit. I have seen on youtube. Shame on them.
Thursday - Aug 10, 2017
Send in more Clowns!!! There's no fun with just One Clown. We want to thoroughly enjoy this Circus!
Festival Participant
Thursday - Aug 10, 2017
Goans who acquire Portuguese passport all for the purpose of livelihood, denied to them when it is India’s obligation to provide, are disinherited by India and kicked out of Goa to be no longer Goans, when on the contrary India illegally occupies their land! So what sort of colonialism is this, yet unheard and worse than the British, when indigenous people of the land are institutionally thrown out their native land?

Almost 100% of the Goans attending London Goan Festival are Portuguese Nationals. So where does the affiliation to Indian High Commission and its Independence Day come, when India has self-declared itself to be these Portuguese National Goans’ enemy? Does G.O.A. have any common sense?
Joe Bonaparte Faria
Wednesday - Aug 9, 2017
Yes, the Goans at the London Goan Festival were dancing with gusto and gaiety, with Goa as yet not a nation, and led by aptly named Ravi Vaz, the chairman, to the rhythm of clowns, in high praise of Goa with Maharashtrian Ghanti rulers placed on the high pedestal, as their rulers of Goa.

Ravi Vaz has committed G.O.A. (Goan Overseas Association) to these illegitimate alien rulers of Goa in their cause of wantom destruction of Goa, through environmental and cultural devastation of Goa, with his committed vow to the Independence Day of India through Indian High Commission, dashing the hope of Goans and Goa ever becoming a nation, and to proudly call themselves as Goan nationals.

Under such ill-educated and illiterate sons of former Maharashtrian migrants who are now in high command overseeing Goa’s destruction, Goan youth have been relegated to be their serfs and to an army of street and toilets cleaners for export. They have further detached our Goan youth from their cradle Goa, declaring them as non-Goan citizens of Goa. What we are now having is non-Goan Citizens’ London Goan Festival!
Sunday - Aug 6, 2017
Now the question is who is the Goan nizgoenkar traitor of GOA?

Hindus from the North or ghatties from Maharashtra which was formed in 1960 by the terrorist nehru who illegally invaded GOA to populate it with the bangis of so called fake India.

Our traitors or the biggest virus of GOA are the so called MUNKARS or tennants in bangi english language.

These Munkar virus collided with the Indian government to have a strong foothold in GOA.(Started with Indira ghandi in 1975)

These Munkar Virus (Not all Munkars) are the vote bank for the ghattie parties. They either vote for favours to the Congress (which they did for years) and now these vote bank vote for the BJP.

These munkar virus knows very well that only the Indian government can rob land from the Badkar and give them 300 meters of free land.

This is one reason that no Goan Party will ever come to power in GOA. If a Goan party comes to power then they know the mundkar act will vanish for ever.

First we've to tackle the Mundkar virus before we ever think of freeing GOA from fake India.
Bosco Menezes
Sunday - Aug 6, 2017
Goans take a great pride calling themselves Goans, although there is yet no nation as such called Goa. For 56 years now the Goans have not bothered to make an effort to coronate their mother Goa in her own right to nationhood, denied to them by India through illegal invasion of their motherland. Yet, the Goans celebrate their culture and heritage all round the world with pomp, gusto and gaiety. They have Goan festivals with thousands of Goans celebrating in every Continent running in orbit around the globe and raising Goa’s profile worldwide sky high.

They are Goan Festivals of Melbourne, Kenya, Gulf, Toronto, Los Angeles etc., but above all it is the London Goan Festival that is the mecca of Goans in diaspora, that attracts most Goans from all corners of the world including their motherland Goa which helps to foster Goan culture and identity thus taking Goa’s reputation even higher.

What the Goans don’t understand is that with all their hard work and efforts put into festivals by Goans around the world, the full credit and accolade is earned and goes to ‘Ghanti’ Konkan Marathis who happens to rule Goa when themselves are not Goans, having come to Goa from ex-British Indian Maharashtra as labourers and bullock cart drivers.

These Marathi rogues have exploited and monopolized Goa, both economically and culturally and now purport themselves to be owners of Goa, enjoying a mastery over Goans taking them as their serfs, thus making us look zombies in their front, dancing to their praise through these festivals. There are some organizers of these Goan festivals who have gone a step further to introduce on stage Marathi dance formation, wrongly telling our Goan children that it is a Goan culture, when it is a common feature of every shanty town in India. After all Marathi culture and dance belongs to the state of Maharashtra and not Goa, even though these aliens have been squatting in Goa having come as migrants. There was also a time it was contemplated by an over enthusiast who was out to embarrass all Goans around the world by inviting the present unelected Chief Minister of Goa in his capacity to address the world Goans from London! Imagine what business has an alien Marathi who originates form the heartland of Konkan and as such alien to Goan culture and identity, and a product of a queer illegitimate democracy, to address a Goan!
Jack De Goan
Saturday - Aug 5, 2017
If BJP wins By-Poll election, BJP will rule Goa.
If Congress wins By-Poll election, BJP will rule Goa.
If AAP wins By-Poll election, AAP will rule Goa.
Saturday - Aug 5, 2017
@ Pedro … It is common sense that all these Koknee/Marathis are agents of India. There is no doubt. They are not for Goa. They were helped by some Goan traitors. They were all fake freedom fighters and by pretending that they were helping us they joined in to put themselves into the main stream of Goa’s politics, where they are not supposed to belong from the beginning. This is the mess the Goans have to sort out and eliminate if Goa has to go Goa’s own way.
Friday - Aug 4, 2017
Parrikar is an agent of India, who illegally invaded Goa. Please give a break to Parrikar, as an agent he is just doing his job to destroy GOA. Indians are RAT, when GOA is completely destroyed. Indians Rat will run away from GOA.
Friday - Aug 4, 2017
Parrikar is fooling the christian community in Panjim by visiting churches.He is hungry for votes so he need blessing from the priests. This practise he has been dueing when the elections are near. When he was Indias defence minister he wanted to give land for the indian army now he wanted to sell our seven rivers to the centre. This idiot is not fit to be the CM of Goa. He is failure on all fronts.
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