Monday, August 21, 2017
3 Goa Congress MLAS Who Cross-Voted In The Presidential Elections Were Paid Rs. 15 Lakh – by Flynn Remedios
Thursday - Aug 3, 2017
3 Goa Congress MLAS Who Cross-Voted In The Presidential Elections Were Paid Rs. 15 Lakh – by Flynn Remedios
A senior BJP leader in Goa was heard boasting that the three Goa Congress MLAs who cross-voted in the Presidential Elections were paid Rs 15 lakh post the election as a gift. The same leader at a private party in Panjim few days ago had in a drunken, inebriated state openly boasted before a group that 4 Congress MLAs were offered Rs 15 lakh each as a “gift” before the elections, but they had turned down the offer.
However, after the elections it was revealed that out of the four, three Congress MLAs did actually vote for the NDA candidate Ram Nath Kovind. It was then decided to give them Rs 5 lakh as a gift and it was given immediately. Out of the three Congress MLAs who cross-voted, two of them are most probably likely to resign and step down in the near future, the drunk BJP leader had told his friends at the party.
Barely four months ahead of the Gujarat Assembly elections, the Congress was jolted when eight of its MLAs voted in favour of Kovind. Another shock for the Opposition candidate came from Maharasthra, where the Congress and NCP have 83 MLAs, Samajwadi Party has one and CPI(M) one.
The AIMIM has two MLAs and the Peasants and Workers Party of India has three. But Opposition candidate Meira Kumar managed to get only 77 votes. State Congress president Ashok Chavan had said it was difficult to say who had cross-voted, as there was no whip. But in Rajasthan, where Assembly elections are due next year, the Congress claimed that six BJP MLAs had voted in favour of Kumar. There was cross-voting in other states too.

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Ignatius / Agassaim
Sunday - Aug 6, 2017
@niserpatel. Your comment is 100 percent true.
Sunday - Aug 6, 2017
It is good lesson for Goans for voting Congress/Goa Forward instead of AAP. It is also shame the O herald is still playing witch-hunting of badly wounded AAP instead of supporting them to abolish permanently the wicked Congress legacy. Unless and untill we dont change our habits of voting same rascals again and again nothing good will happen in Goa. Vijay is biggest crook than Parrikar on Goa political few years he will destroy Goa.
Jack De Goan
Saturday - Aug 5, 2017
AAP rightly said "Congress & BJP are like Husband & Wife". Both fight with each other, but both love each other. Both knows each other’s secret, but never expose each other in public. AAP candidates are Honest, Educated, Selfless and have good intentions to Serve Goa & Goans.
Thursday - Aug 3, 2017
its jennifer santacuz mla and st andre mla who will join goa foward
Mel de Goa
Thursday - Aug 3, 2017
At least one thing is clear, in real terms BJP is WORSE than the Congress Party
BJP, both in the state and centre, has shown its true colors. It seems more like Monsterrat da rapist is teaching them how to do things. There is no ideology, no care for the poor, dalits, minorities and the weak
Monsterrat 420 formula--- made money from land deals, cutting Savoi Verem forests,diamond smuggling, loan shark, burning down Panchayat buildings, hawala, Real estate etc tc etc-- That money then plouged back to BUY voters= Win elections, simple

BJP 840 formula=work closely with the big industrial houses, like Ambani, Adani et al. Through sweet heart deals A& A make thousands of crores of rupees. Like cancer, they have spread their tentacles throught the world. Even in Goa we have the MPT coal issue thanks to these A&A. They have seized tribal lands for free, pay no tax, get loans for free and get the best contracts, thanks to Modi and Chodi(Shah)
In return they pay out thousands of crores to Modi, I call it ATM-- Adani To Modi.

The money is used to buy votes, rig elections and EVMs, buy the media, buy the opposition( like above) and many other nefarious activities like encounters and killings.

In real terms Modi has done nothing for India, infact far worse than Congress.
Failed economic policies, joke called demonetisation, Unemployment , Swiss black money return , 15 lakhs in each account( ha ha ha)rampant corruption at the middle and ground level, rising food prices, worsening communal harmony, stopping schemes for tribals,worsening pollution, failed cleaning Maa Ganga,burning Kashmir, poor relations with neighbours, ....the list can go on and on

However through the paid media, Modi has protrayed himself as a hero , a knight in shinning armour, when like Parrikar he is a FLOP SHOW. Modi is so arrogant and paranoid, he cant tolerate intellectuals, like ex RBI Rajan and prefers chamchas and losers like Jaitley to run the Indian economy. God help India
Even his monthly Maan Ki Baat aka Monkey Baat radio talk show is a copy cat act from what the deceased Venezulean leader, Mr Hugo Chavez used to doó_Presidente

To try and build a personality cult, which has failed too. Modi is no Chavez of India, more like a Chu*** ya However Modi, like Monsterrat rapist, has mastered the art of winning elections. Without any ideology, morals, or humanity Just like a whore who masters the art of making easy money Thats the true GUJRAT MODEL & ACCHE DIN
John De Menezes
Thursday - Aug 3, 2017
This sort of thing is but natural to happen. In politics of Goa corruption and bribery will always reign high. More because there are two sets of politics in Goa. On side we have the Goans to whom Goa belongs and rightly want to save Goa for themselves and their children, and on the other side we have Kokan/Marathis from Maharashtra who want to kick the Goans out from their indigenous land and snatch and rob Goa from the Goans and make it theirs. This was attempted at the Opinion Poles. But the Goans never fortified their position after that and as lazy susegads left it loose. How long the Goans are going to keep Goa within Goa is not predictable. The only solution for Goans left is to use International means though the tools that exists for them for their purpose.
Thursday - Aug 3, 2017
Well done, this is Liberation of Goa! No complaints! More to come!
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