Monday, August 21, 2017
An Open Letter To Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar From Aires Rodrigues – by Aires Rodrigues
Wednesday - Aug 2, 2017
An Open Letter To Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar From Aires Rodrigues – by Aires Rodrigues
Dear Mr. Parrikar,
Two decades ago, like many others, I too held you in great respect while even working alongside you and the BJP, believing that you were a ray of hope for Goa. But I had to part company after I was faced with evidence that you are very corrupt, communal and casteist. The people of Goa were hoping that you would heed the recent sensible advice given to you by your dear friend Rajan Parrikar and gracefully pack your bags. But as you haven’t, I am constrained to write to you this letter hoping that you will allow Goa to move on.
In 2007 you had publicly vowed that it would be your last election. However in that greed and lust for power you went back on your own word and contested yet again in 2012 and became Chief Minister after   promising the people of Goa a Parivartan by way of Good Governance and Zero Tolerance to Corruption. But given your string of swift U Turns, the people of Goa soon realised that by trusting you and electing the BJP they landed from the frying pan into the fire.
In November 2014 with the State engulfed in rampant Corruption, nepotism and bad governance, you left a messed up Goa in a huff to be the Defence Minister of India while you continued to deviously operate as the de-facto Chief Minister reducing the then incumbent Laxmikant Parsekar to a mere puppet.
After your disastrous stint as Defence Minister, in March this year you very deceitfully and through all crooked means forced yourself back as Goa’s Chief Minister despite the people’s verdict having clearly been against the BJP.
Panjim sadly remains a decaying and sinking city despite you having been its MLA for over two long decades, thrice the Chief Minister and even went on to be the Defence Minister of the country. With all the power at your hands, you could do nothing for your State and city. Incredibly, you now have the audacity to seek yet another term as MLA despite your grim performance or should we say non-performance. This is despicable. Can you give us one good reason as to why you should be re-elected? Infact there are manifold grounds including your sheer arrogance why you should be hounded away. You have now turned awfully rancid and run out of steam with no ideas or vision flowing.
Over the years while you allowed Goa to sink you have minted a fortune for your family to merrily feast on for generations. Therefore, Mr. Parrikar, it is time for you to gracefully pack up and hang up your very soiled boots so that Goa, which today has sadly become a gambling, prostitution, narcotics and crime destination finally may see some much-needed Acche din.
In the words of Abraham Lincoln ‘You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”
Hoping better sense will prevail and wishing you a much-deserved retirement.

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Saturday - Aug 5, 2017
You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.
Anonymous the VIII
Friday - Aug 4, 2017
Colin, it is the Goans in Goa who vote and elect, not Goans from the Diaspora. If the Goans in Goa vote for clean candidates, what is there to stop them getting elected. Is it not that these Goans vote for the ones who pay them money. Why does one require money to contest elections. Goans can well take money from whoever gives, but vote for the clean candidate. Do Goans in Goa do that? Goans keep Ghanttis on rent, allow them to proliferate in Goa. Why are Panchayats silent on this? Are the Panchayats not Goans? These Ghanttis then make voter cards and become voters. It is the fault of Goans in Goa for Goa to be in this situation.
Mel de goa
Friday - Aug 4, 2017
Parrikar, like Modi, will only retire from office, when four people carry him out from the CMs office, decked with flowers and sandalwood
Till then, like termites, they will eat into the system and destroy it
Look at the ugly fat,bloated, oily bastard faces of the Gujju and Brahmin termites-eating India at the moment
- Adani, Modi, Shah, Gadkari
Thursday - Aug 3, 2017
@ Diasporan Goan, It is very easy to write from the other end. Just come to Goa and stay for one year, only then you will know the ground reality. One just cannot be in bad books with the MLA when they are in ruling. Take the case of Fr. Bismarq, he was the cleanest candidate but yet he was defeated due to the money and muscle power, which you need during the election. And finally he was eliminated from this world and case is closed and gone. Who lost the life?????
Thursday - Aug 3, 2017
Whatever the Goans may say and criticize, the thing is the Goans have no balls to throw him out. Well Done Parrikar! At least you are proving to Goans that they are spineless and have no guts. That they in their own land are toothless dogs. Keep on doing Parrikar! Teaching Goans rude lessons! Let’s see if the Goans in Goa have any teeth to bite your arse!
Mel de Goa
Thursday - Aug 3, 2017
Set a thief to catch a thief. No amount of open or closed letters will change the mind of this ruthless son of a puta. He is the product of the Goan Brahmin lobby, both Catholic & Hindu. He has destroyed the Catholic and Hindu Bhahujan lobby and made them his pet dogs.

The ONLY people who can destroy him are his FELLOW BRAHMINS. Like Diggu Kamat did, by back stabbing him and becoming the CM in 2007-2012. Like Subhash Velingkar and Dhavlikar did, by forming the GSM and preventing Parrikar from getting too many seats. Today he has to work in a coalition, at the mercy of Goa Forward and MGP because of this. Velingkar and his GSM have disappeared, like croaking rain frogs do in summer.

So in the future, only another Bahmon can screw him. Any bets on the biggest back stabbing bamon in Goa? Yes the man with one coconut tree and two coconuts, Vijay filo de puta Sardessai. He along with the help of the whore of Goa, Monsterat, will try and become the CM one day. Mark my words
Wednesday - Aug 2, 2017
Anton Gauncar
Wednesday - Aug 2, 2017
Rightly said Bab Aires. This guy is the most communal CM we ever had post invasion. Our Catholic altar boys are supporting him and because of their support he is surviving and now he wants the congress to withdraw their candidate against him, so he can be declared elected unopposed. The sooner this gutter rat vanishes the better. If Babush had chosen to contest, this gutter rat would have been vanquished.
Wednesday - Aug 2, 2017
I don’t like to see pictures/fotos of such Marathi monkeys in Goa. They make me sick and vomit. I like to see the Goans on their own land as before, not donkeys from the Ghats. These monkeys have made Goa into a jungle, built from concrete.
Wednesday - Aug 2, 2017
Honorable Chief Minister of Goa Bab Parrikar is hungry for power. He messed up everything, he does what he wants to do. It looks like he is not a proper Goan from the grass-root level.
Wednesday - Aug 2, 2017
Parrikar will never retire even if his rotten tooth falls. Once elected he will look for someone to be the CM of Goa and go back to Delhi. But keep in mind he will never choose Vijay to be CM of Goa. From Delhi he will continue to do all his evil ticks. He tried to be a hero when he was the defence minister, but when election came people of Goa made the BJP zero.
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