Monday, August 21, 2017
Francis Pereira was part of a 3-man gang hired to create communal disturbance in Goa: GCAF
Thursday - Jul 27, 2017
Francis Pereira was part of a 3-man gang hired to create communal disturbance in Goa: GCAF
Goa: The Goa Citizens Action Forum (GCAF) which is carrying out its own private Citizens’ Investigation into the desecration of religious structures in Goa today said that the arrested accused person Francis Pereira was part of a 3-man gang of criminals hired to create communal disturbances in Goa by damaging, vandalizing and desecrating religious structures of different religions in Goa.
We have some more names of possible accomplices as well as the mastermind behind the act. It is possible that the vandals worked individually and not as a team. Or it is also possible that Francis Pereira was the fall guy and others were only instructing him. But we will not reveal any more information until we have the evidence against the culprits credible enough to stand scrutiny in a court of law. The Goa police are carrying on their own investigations and interrogation of Francis Pereira in police custody is going on. It would be incorrect to make any statements at this point, said the GCAF.
Spokesperson for the GCAF, Firoz Ahmed Khan speaking to editor Flynn Remedios refused on comment on who had hired the services of Francis Pereira and only said that they will “reveal more details when the time is right and we have the proof.” Khan admitted that the GCAF did not expect a Christian to be involved as part of the gang and were initially working on a different angle, but claimed that Francis was hardly a “Christian” as he was a Christian only by name. He had given up the faith a long time ago, and was a small-time thief and scoundrel and a menace to society, Khan said, adding that “Francis is only a tip of the iceberg. There are other people involved. Francis being slightly insane and partly senile goofed up and was caught by the cops as he used his own personal vehicle for all his attacks and his vehicle cropped up on the police radar and at check points and naka bandis (road blocks) where the cops were monitoring and noting down vehicle registration details for the last one month.”
“No wonder Francis had such a huge bank deposit and multiple FDs or fixed deposits. This has been going on for some time now and Francis is a hired, paid thug. The kingpin is probably out of the state and his other accomplices have already left Goa for the safe havens of their own states. Francis would also work as a paid political election-time worker for the highest bidder and would get involved with which ever party paid him higher wages. He used his vehicle to ferry election workers or political party workers during rallies and demonstrations for some years now and that is how he came in to contact with the masterminds who hired him on a full-time basis to disturb and rupture the communal fabric of Goa,” said Khan. -

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Fake Goverment
Friday - Jul 28, 2017
It is gratifying to see at last GCAF act as police to investigate the wantom demolishing of Christian structures. So far the Goans failed to get appropriate response from the largely Marathi dominated Goa Police accept that Parrikar brought some clown to pose as a fake accomplice, for which he should be given credit. However, Parrikar cannot be held responsible because he is not legally electorally elected and therefore is acting a Fake Chief Minster of Goa. It also means in legal terms under such existing umbrella of structure of administration in Goa even the Government of Goa is legally fake, and therefore cannot be officially held responsible.
Ignatius / Agassaim
Friday - Jul 28, 2017
GCAF - Firoz bhai, Is it only the words you have to take our heart away OR you have action too?
Thursday - Jul 27, 2017 this not the same group blaming Ponda Group for all the desecration?
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