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Sandhya Gupta Is A Very Unworthy Police Officer – by Aires Rodrigues
Saturday - Jul 15, 2017
Sandhya Gupta Is A Very Unworthy Police Officer – by Aires Rodrigues
The awfully tainted Police Sub Inspector Sandhya Gupta attached to the Panjim Women’s Police Station has yesterday told me that she was going to file a defamation case against me. I am eagerly looking forward to this yet another grand thriller. The last one was when the then Advocate General Subodh Kantak in 2008 filed a 15 crore defamation suit against me which from the lower Court to the High Court travelled all the way to the Supreme Court came to a cropper. The outcome of that defamation suit is now history. 
On Sandhya Gupta, what I have rightly placed in public domain for the information of the citizens is her gory tale from the official records. Besides not having a clean track record as a Police officer, Sandhya Gupta has demonstrated her crafty ability to continue in office, due to her optimum skills in keeping close contacts and being in good books with her superiors with the tenor of her voice and content exposing it all.
Sandhya Gupta on 29th July 2002 with the devious assistance of then Panjim BJP Councilor Pritam Rane managed and manipulated her way to be appointed as Police Sub-Inspector while Manohar Parrikar was the Chief Minister. On 10th October 2007 while posted at the Anti-Narcotic Cell, Sandhya Gupta was dismissed from service after a constable working under her was caught red-handed accepting a bribe allegedly on her behalf. She later managed to get reinstated and as an accused in that case is now facing trial on serious bribery charges before the Prevention of Corruption Court. 
Incidentally Sandhya Gupta’s dad Ghanshyam Prasad Gupta now retired reportedly had a very chequered career in government service having worked also at Goa Polytechnic and faced multiple corruption related complaints while in service.
With Zero Tolerance to Corruption being the so called mantra of this government, how has a stained Sandhya Gupta been given a posting at the Women’s Police Station which has a wide window of opportunity for Corruption?

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Ignatius / Agassaim
Wednesday - Jul 19, 2017
I did not support anyone neither my comment was vague and baseless. I commented coz I know the Gupta family for more than two decades.
Wednesday - Jul 19, 2017
Terrance, Independence from India woud be a far cry with Russia vetoing any such move. And then Portugal gave away Goa to India on a platter in 1974.
Tuesday - Jul 18, 2017

100 Points to you sir, but you see Goans were fooled as 99% are illiterate. Goans have become bangis and gahtties and these bangis and gahtties have become now Goans. What is the role of the UNO?
Tuesday - Jul 18, 2017
If the Goans liked the conditions all peaceful as during Portuguese times then why they did not demand their Independence?
Tuesday - Jul 18, 2017
Goa’s solution is simple. Why complain? Send the Marathi/Koknees back the region they came from and all your problems will be over overnight. One side you keep these aliens, and on the other side you complain, so where is the common sense? It is like you keeping poisonous snakes in your basket and you complain when they bite.

Goa is yours and you have the moral authority which you have to assert directly, even if it illegally politically denied. After all truth is truth and has to be made to stand up. No one can deny. No one can force your house to belong to others. This truth is recognized, asserted and obeyed in all counties around the world and is Universal and why should you Goan act different and suffer the complex, when you’re the prince of your Goa? We Goans know best how we have been treated and suffered in other peoples’ countries like Africa and others when we positively contributed, without exploiting, to develop those countries yet to be thrown out. Still, we Goans have no qualms against those people because after all those places belong to the native people. In fact we Goans have welcomed and respected their sentiments. We Goans have either shifted to others countries or quietly returned back to our land of origin, our motherland Goa.
Mel de Goa
Monday - Jul 17, 2017
It is such a sad day, that there are people that on this forum that are supporting a corrupt Police official such as Miss Gupta. Compare this with regards to Portuguese days, when we could keep our doors open and for mass on Sunday. No one would even dare steal a coconut.

If a Police official would visit someones house for an inquiry, that whole family would be ostracised, they would be person non grata in the village Police officials were highly regarded, respected and totally non corrupt. I met several of them, now in their retirement, living on meagre pension but never took a single paisa in bribes. Compared to todays Police officials, majority who are Hindus, totally and utterly corrupt to the core.

Totally useless at their work and basically I have no hesistation to say that there is no mafia in Goa, except for the Goa Police' This itself was proudly told to me by then PI Mahesh Goankar in Panjim in 2000. Sitting in his cabin, he said " I am Panajis biggest goonda".

Mahesh is a classical example of Goa police. A son of a poor milkman, from some backward area. Good for nothing in college, got into Police force by paying bribes. At best a jobsworth person, who used to torture his juniors and inferior staff. Some of the elderly constables use to cry and tell me stories of his abuse. They said they are like his father in age but he abuses us with filthy language and even threatens to beat and suspend them But the same Mahesh infront of DIG and Parrikar would turn into a complete worm and crawl and lick their arse. I am not kidding, if Parrikar or the DIG told Mahesh, he would willingly wash their arse after a dump

So Sandhya is not a rare example, she is the rule rather than an exception RSS is not a Christmas father party, that gives jobs like Christmas father. hey also take bribes or expect cuts of future bribes She was caught taking bribes, and even the voice recording on tape, confirmed it was her voice

Sadhya real place had to be Aguada jail or the new one. However the ghanti values which replaced the Portuguese ones will make this sow a SP one day. As long as she pays a cut of the bribes to her bosses and cleans their backsides, no one will touch her Who knows what else services she offers too Thats the rule in India Chamchagiri , corruption and crime The three C s of India, plus Sandhya has the added advantage of having a 4th C
Monday - Jul 17, 2017
@ Rego, Thanks & i agree what you say but getting appointed through RSS connection doesn't means that they have capitilised Sandhya for wrong work. I request all the readers to give time to Sandhya for proofing her ownership. If she proofs to be a wrong doer she herself will feel guilty. Every police gender has good approach in politics.

@ Ignatius/Agacaim, I agree what you say. This is a personal grudge between Aires & Gupta family. I hope Sandhya or anyone will never do any defamation case against anyone until unless something went wrong with her. "Jab aag lagti hai dhua tu utha hai"
Ignatius / Agacaim
Monday - Jul 17, 2017
Aires bab, this is a personal grudge against the gupta family. As far as I know they are not that bad. Yes Sandhya was suspended but she was reinstated.
Anonymous the VIII
Monday - Jul 17, 2017
These bloody Indians are born corrupt. they have even taught corruption to Goans. That integrity that Goans had imbibed from the Portuguese is Gone to dogs with the present generation of Goans. that is why they allow such Indians to multiply in government service.

Good work Aires by taking it to Court. The Committee of Women & Child Welfare and Women Police all all puppets of politicians in power.
Emeliano Do Rego
Monday - Jul 17, 2017
@Kumar, I agree with with you but looking at angle PSI Sandhya was appointed through RSS connection and the case she would be handling also connected to RSS leading up to to BJP President family, therefore, she's is not fit to handle this complicated case which you will see taking a weight on political connection.
Sunday - Jul 16, 2017
After reading the uploaded document I am of the opinion

As I don't know about Sandhya but now she should do justice with her duties and responsibilities. She should forget his past outcomes and need to look forward for a correct ownership. I am confident and i know she will do justice with Mrs. Shweta, the victim of the dowry case as Sandhya is herself a married woman and very well understand the context of all. Further, at last but not the least she should be given a chance to proof herself. "Jo dikta hai wo sahi bhi so sakta hai ya nahi bhi"
Mel de Goa
Sunday - Jul 16, 2017
Gupta??? Goa? That to in Police?? Goa really has gone to the dogs, within 50 years. What else can you expect from North Indian Baniya people. They like the Marwaris, will send their wives to their rivals, to get contracts. A well know fact

How has this corrupt sow lasted soo long in Govt service, despite being so corrupt Due to RSS/ BJP backing and off course money collected from bribes, a percentage of which reaches the top, including Mr Angel or Mr Parrikar, via his son.
Sunday - Jul 16, 2017
Good if Goans get kicked, because they have let in outsiders.
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