Wednesday, July 26, 2017
DEAR GOANS & ALL READERS ------- Mr. Floriano Lobo is in ICU again after a bypass. He started bleeding so they pulled him back into OT at 2.30 am and opened him again to remove several clots. Meantime his BP and pulse was so low they had to revive him by electric shocks. His condition is still critical though he is better now. Blood arranged. 10 donors gave blood. He is out of danger now. Let's us pray for speedy recovery - Editor
Parents This For You... – by Pascoal de chicalim.
Thursday - Jul 13, 2017
Parents This For You... – by Pascoal de chicalim.
Dear PARENTS  this is a fast world, nobody wants to be left behind as such we parents make sacrifices and give our best to children. Children's need is never ending and they are mostly influenced  by their friends, every child wants what their friends has so we do try to bring smile on their faces by purchasing mobiles, bikes etc of less amount but still the children are not satisfied because their friends taunt them.
Children are least bothered from where their parents bring to full fill their wishes, we parents do our duty to look after the children till they are married and self sufficient. We can't change anything now because this is how the world is going. We can only pray that our children come to know the hardships of their parents and behave themselves and put restraint to their demands.
Parents get frightened of their children because they have suicidal tendencies so the parents get frightened and the children take advantage and go ashtray. The world is at the feet of the children on their mobiles so they are easily influenced and westernised and they act like spoilt brats. We don't know what more will come as the world goes on its onwards journey but one thing is certain that children will not care for their parents in future.

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