Wednesday, July 26, 2017
DEAR GOANS & ALL READERS ------- Mr. Floriano Lobo is in ICU again after a bypass. He started bleeding so they pulled him back into OT at 2.30 am and opened him again to remove several clots. Meantime his BP and pulse was so low they had to revive him by electric shocks. His condition is still critical though he is better now. Blood arranged. 10 donors gave blood. He is out of danger now. Let's us pray for speedy recovery - Editor
Goans It's Time for Revolt – by Nixon Fernandes
Thursday - Jul 13, 2017
Goans It's Time for Revolt – by Nixon Fernandes
The current Goa govt. has failed to protect religious structures across Goa. The recent desecration of Cross goes on to prove one thing beyond doubt that someone wants to provoke the minority community and wants to flare communal tensions in a tiny beautiful state of Goa. Just coz Goans are still silent and peaceful in their protests the govt. is very casual about the whole thing. Goa Police and Ministers are becoming impotent day by day, Looks like it’s high time that people of Goa should get up and start a major revolt against the same.
The govt. has failed to protect the communal harmony of Goa such incidents of desecration gained momentum after a venomous serpent vomited hatred from her mouth when she set her foot in Goa it was a pre-planned move by the RSS and Goan bigots of MGP to try and create a communal rift in Goa. When they couldn't succeeded in their talks they used their fringe elements for such tactics.
The incidents of desecration are increasing day by day and Calangute MLA Michael Lobo wants to transfer the case to CBI but the MALUND from South is backing the inefficient Goa Police Force to do justice if the police were competent enough than not only desecration of religious structures but even robberies could have been stopped. Goa Police are either busy providing security to VIPs and Ministers or busy in directing dramas.
The Watchdogs of Goa Forward are fast asleep they aren’t concerned that some people are trying to destroy the communal harmony of Goa, knowing very well who these leeches are yet the Dogs are wagging their tails for want of biscuits and will also support them in the run up for MP elections.
The Malund knows how to fool the minority community by giving them doles from time to time and showing his Fake Goenkarponn. Now he wants to replace those offshore casinos from river Mandovi to an ideal location on land, Mr. Vijay why don’t you put them in your property in fact the ideal location would be next to your house in the fields. Btw is the casino lobby paying you handsomely to do this gesture?
The ruling and the opposition MLAs are going to do nothing about the desecration rather than just issuing statements the Reginald, Cabral, Lobo or Churchill are useless, they will just talk and keep on passing the buck, if something concrete has to be done than entire Goans should stand up and revolt in once voice, if Goans are together they can turn any tide against them as it has been proved during the Opinion Poll.
The opinion Poll was a major step wherein Goan brethren be it Hindu, Muslim, Christian fought against the merger with Maharashtra, we need a similar kind of revolt to protect the communal harmony of Goa.
Goans are famous for organizing Bandh at the instance of their parties but this time it should be Goa Bandh against the govt. am sure if there is a Goa Bandh for two days the govt. will come on its knees and the police will catch the culprits within the same time frame.
The current government lacks the will to protect the communal harmony of Goa. It’s all a matter of will, if the govt. wants the culprits can be easily caught else it will be never, just like all the high profile cases that are pending in Goa. Without the handiwork of the people in power some things are not possible desecration of Cross being one among them.
Think about it...

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Francisco Monteiro
Monday - Jul 17, 2017
There is no solution for Goans in Goa under the Kokno Regime. Goans are sinking day by day as their strength is diminishing. If the Goans want to succeed they have to take into account Goans as the core, because Goa belong to them first and they have the full obligation and responsibility. They can then use both means by using resources, both internally and through diaspora. Otherwise they are doomed, they will achieve nothing.
Saturday - Jul 15, 2017
We are liberated to swallow by Ghantti culture and we are in the making. Some have already made the progress. There is magic in the making.
Agnelo Dias
Saturday - Jul 15, 2017
All Goan MLA’s have become like Ghantie Marathis. There are 17 members, the highest number ever elected, yet it looks that they never exist. You don’t hear any noise from them, not even a fart. It looks they have joined Marathiponn that has overtaken Goa and they are busy in the same loot-Goa business having learnt from these parasites.
Friday - Jul 14, 2017
Who is an Indian? A bunch of cracks who feel that the cow is their mother and the cow should be protected. Poor narender Modi to consume beef has to go the the US.
Friday - Jul 14, 2017
Vijay Sardesai is a Marathi and the land talked about belongs to Goa, therefore Goan’s property!! He did not bring it from Maharastra. He came to Goa with only two balls.
Friday - Jul 14, 2017
Whatever Calangute MLA Micheal Lobo's talks,it goes in the air. He always says in front of the public that he told the honorable chief minister this and that but he tells nothing. He is very crook person. He knows how to fool people. His smiles are fake. Don't ever trust Micheal Lobo.
Joe Lobo, Nairobi
Friday - Jul 14, 2017
I can see that the Goans are coming to their senses!! All this while they were dancing the Liberation as proud Indians. After 56 years this what they have achieved! Some Goans were abusive to others when if one suggested that we should liberate ourselves from Indian Rule. Now they can learn their lesson.
Thursday - Jul 13, 2017
Goa is being liberated from its culture-Welcome to Gattie and bungi culture.
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