Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Goans Must Stop Brain Storming And Washing Convention To Create Hindu Nation
Monday - Jun 19, 2017
Goans Must Stop Brain Storming And Washing Convention To Create Hindu Nation
Panjim: Presently, brainstorming is going all over the nation on the topic of the ‘Hindu Nation’. In Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, ‘Hindu Nation’ was one of the issues during political canvassing. Mayawati of BSP and Asaduddin Owaisi of MIM had challenged Hindus over establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’. The people in Uttar Pradesh gave a fitting reply to them through their actions and established the Government of a supporter of the ‘Hindu Nation’ Yogi Adityanath with full majority.
This example was enough to show how intense is the emotion of people in Bharat about the ‘Hindu Nation’. The side effect of such emotion made Shri. Rahul Gandhi start studying Upanishads and Shri Bhagawadgeeta. As a part of the mission of propagating this emotion of the people throughout the nation, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (TERRORIST ORGANISATION 1)  is organising ‘All India Hindu Conventions’ since last 5 years. To strengthen this ideology of the ‘Hindu Nation’ further, the Sixth ‘All India Hindu Convention’ is being organised this year too from 14th to 17th June 2017 at Shri Ramnath Temple, Ponda, Goa. The Convention will be attended by more than 400 delegates from more than 150 Hindu organisations from 21 States of Bharat, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
The representatives of devout Hindu organisation attending the Convention will be finalising action programme about various issues such as the protection of temples, protection of cow, protection of Hindus’ symbols of honour, religious conversion, love jihad, along with problems such as rehabilitation of Kashmiri Hindus, Bangladeshi infiltration, displacement of Hindus going on at various places in Bharat etc. Similarly, discussions will also be held on steps to be taken to stop genocide of Hindus in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, The efforts will also be made in this Convention to speed up the common action programmes finalised during last 5 Conventions. This information was given by the National Guide of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (TERRORIST ORGANISATON 2) H.H. (Dr.) Charudatta Pingale in the press conference held here. Shri. Shivaprasad Joshi, Shivsena Goa State President, Adv. Nagesh Takbhate, State Secretary for Goa of Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad, Shri. Abhay Vartak, Spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha and Shri. Ramesh Shinde, National Spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti were present.
On this occasion, H.H. (Dr.) Charudatta Pingale said, “Even though it is a matter of satisfaction from the viewpoint of devout Hindus that BJP, with the ideology of Hindutva is in power in Centre and many other States, many demands of Hindus are still pending for fulfilment. Kashmir issue is like a chronic ailment. The stone pelting and killings of Army soldiers have yet to be prevented. Stone pelting on Jawans could still be not decided as an act of treason. Kashmiri Hindus are still waiting for their rehabilitation. The Government does not appear to be taking any firm decision on Uniform Civil Code and rebuilding of Shriram Temple. The arrogance and corruption of the administration do not show any signs of abating, on the contrary, these are on the rise. Therefore, Hindu organisations will be spreading the idea that the ‘Hindu Nation’ like Ramrajya is now essential. To finalise the common action programme in this regard, the Convention is planned”.
Convention for training the organisers of the ‘Hindu Nation will be held from 19th to 21st June
‘While carrying out the mission for the Nation and Dharma, the organisers and activists have to face various difficulties. In order to enable them in overcoming the obstacles and develop their in-born skills, a training programme for developing the organisers for the ‘Hindu Nation’ (Hindu Rashtra Sangathak Prashikshan Adhiveshan) has been planned to be held at Shri Mahalakshmi Temple in Bandora, Goa. During this programme, training will be imparted on various subjects such as how to effectively use the Right to Information Act, how to hold agitations in legal manner, how to fight against evil tendencies in the society, personality development etc.’, said Shri. Abhay Vartak, Spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha.
In the Convention, many Saints and dignitaries will bless the occasion. They include  Shri. Maravanpulavu Sachithananthan, retired officer of Sri Lanka in United Nations Organisation, H.H. Swamii Shribalakdasji Maharaj of Chhattisgarh, H.H. Sadhwi Saraswatiji of Madhya Pradesh, Prof. Rameshwar Mishra, Former Director, Dharmapal Shodh Peeth, Bhopal; Shri. Suresh Chavhanke, Editor-In-Chief of ‘Sudarshan News Channel’, Shri. T. Rajasingh, BJP MLA, Telangana, Dr. Ajay Chrongu, National President of Panun Kashmir, Dr. Hari Om Mahajan, Coordinator of ‘Jammu for India’, Shri. Murli Manohar Sharma, National Organiser of Bharat Raksha Manch, Adv. Sanjiv Punalekar, National Secretary of Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad etc.
Live telecast of ‘All India Hindu Convention’ will be aired on Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s Facebook page Shri. Ramesh Shinde appealed devout Hindus to accrue benefit from it.

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Cry, my beloved Goa
Wednesday - Jun 21, 2017
Remember millions were butchered and burnt to death, whole families, the streets ran red with blood....and that was just a generation ago. So proud to be indian! Jai Hind. Looking forward to celebrating my Gha Wapsi...Jai Hind! I would love for all the Proud Indians to attend.Who is willing to feed the cake in my mouth? Jai Hind! Jai Hind! Jai Hind!
Tuesday - Jun 20, 2017
GAND*U NATION is surreal.
Tuesday - Jun 20, 2017
The Goans in diaspora do not recognize the Indian Rule (colonially imposed through its illegal occupation) over Goa. They all interpret and abide with the rules of the International Law and Convections that rule or govern the world order, as defined and adhered by all 192 countries except India, and in which they reside or are citizens.

Therefore, India is powerless to force Goans in diaspora to accept its ‘FAKE’ claim over Goa.
Tuesday - Jun 20, 2017
Who is this "Brian Storming"???
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